[ENT] VIDEO: Hispanic Biden Supporter Attacked By Trump Supporter Twice As Big | The opinion

A group of supporters of Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement were attacked on Saturday in Bakersfield, California by a supporter of Donald Trump, in an incident that was captured on video.

Pictures show how the man of enormous size and weight lashed out at the predominantly female group and specifically attacked and hit a Hispanic man, who despite the notable difference in sizes put a face on the aggressor.

It is not entirely clear why the Trump supporter attacked, but the video appears to show that the Hispanic man said something when a woman who was part of the pro-Trump group jokingly walked with her dog next to the table of Biden sympathizers.

Some punches were thrown, but another video shows that someone used some kind of spray on the assailant and he walked away destroying the table.

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Police were called to the scene at the intersection of Rosedale Highway and Coffee Road in the northwest of the city, but there were no arrests.


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