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Adamari López.

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The darling of the morning show of Telemundo, A new day, the spectacular Adamari Lopez, fell in love with his followers with a photo he published on his account Instagram in which he appears holding a baby in his arms. Alaïa is at her side and both cannot hide the joy and excitement of seeing the newborn laugh with them.

Many will wonder and “Who is this baby?”well, few times “Shorty” television publishes photos with third parties unless it is a special party. Although he does not hide from his own, he does not live by feasting on the private life of his loved ones.

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This baby is called Akua Almond or so the Puerto Rican called her on her account Instagram and is the cousin of both. This photo is from a year ago when the little girl was born and was published just one year after the little girl was born. Of course, the reactions of the followers did not wait. In general, everyone asked him for a little sister to Alaïa and they also complimented how it looks Adamari with a baby in her arms.

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We know that the television host had a hard time having her only daughter, whom she has described several times as a “Miracle”. The truth is that, with a second child or not, Adamari He does not stop making his fans fall in love with his actions of love towards his family members.


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