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Cardi B dropped to the ground and announced her new project wearing sporty clothes and showing her elasticity with her legs wide open

Cardi B.

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The rapper Cardi B does not stop reaping successes. Not only did he manage to break 4 records in Billboard with your theme “Wap”, but his video has captured the eyes of the world. To this success can be added the one he achieved next to the other singer Anitta, of which the video clip also turned out to be something virally explosive. Opened his own OnlyFans who runs by leaps and bounds to reveal details of his private life.

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But now, he is adding his new collection of sports shoes, which he designed alongside the brand Reebook, with which he has been working for almost two years. This would not be the first time that the singer has performed a special “tennis” release with this house. The only difference is that this time he took her to the market on her birthday and through a very sensual photo, in which she is spread-legged on the floor, dressing comfortably.

The shoes will go on sale on November 13. However, a privileged few had the pleasure of buying a few pairs online for an hour just because it was the singer’s birthday.

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There is no doubt that until the separation of Cardi B Y Offset is on everyone’s lips like everything the singer of Dominican origin but born in New York. We’ll see what comes up soon, but it will surely be successful.


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