[ENT] Won $ 45 million in lottery and took months to collect his prize for an incredible reason | The NY Journal

He found out several weeks after the draw that he was the big winner and also, it took many more to claim his prize for something that was very important to him.

Adrian Olmstead is a 44-year-old man originally from Blenheim, Ontario, Canada, which He bought several lottery tickets from the Lotto Max draw in April and won a big prize and didn’t find out for several weeks.

Olmstead has a habit of buying tickets and put them in your wallet and you don’t remember you have them there until you open it again.

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It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that he went to a store and saw that the tickets were there, so he asked the clerk to check if any of these were a winner or if he continued his streak of bad luck.

The first 3 obtained a refund and it was the last one that threw the legend “Big Winner” on the screen. At first he saw a 7 and thought he had got $ 70,000 Canadian, but it was actually about $ 70 million (or about $ 45 million).

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Adrian stated that The first thing he did when he heard the good news was that he left the store, ran to his van and locked himself in it and began to cry. It took several minutes for him to absorb the great news, and the first thing he did was call his mother on the phone.

At first, the woman was concerned to hear her son so upset, which calmed her by saying that they were tears of joy and happiness.

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Months to collect your prize

Unlike many lottery winners, Adrian took several months to collect his prize, because he wanted to do so until after he had heard dozens of advice about what to do with money and how it could affect and change his life from now on.

“My priority is that we live a good life, but I want my children to understand the value of money, understand the meaning of hard work and can teach them to support themselves as adults,” said the winner.

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Even so, he is already clear that the first thing he will do is invest something to buy a house that has a large plot of land, as well as a sports car, a campervan and a boat to go fishing.

“The most important thing for me has always been to support my family. Now I can do it in a way I’ve never dreamed of before. This money can even ensure a good fortune for my future grandchildren, ”Olmstead said.

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