Top Free Online Bible Courses With Certificate Of Completion

free online bible courses with certificate of completion

Free Online Bible Courses With Certificate Of Completion:

There are thousands of Online Bible courses that are you can enrol for free without paying a penny.  Some of these online courses are offered by some of the top universities in the world while some are from well-known seminary schools.

Here is a list of the Free Online Bible Courses.

  • Cultures & Contexts by New York University’s Open Education
  • Anthropology 135 A: Religion & Social Order
  • Theology and Culture Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Basics of Spiritual Growth
  • Jesus in Scripture and Tradition: Biblical and Historical
  • Introduction to the New Testament, history and literature
  • The Gospel Demystified
  • Formation of Jesus at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
  • Introduction to Theology

#1. Cultures & Contexts by New York University’s Open Education

If you want to know more about ancient Israel, this course is the best choice for you.

This is one of the Free Online Bible Courses that deals with the study of cultures in a unique approach that many people may find useful.

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However, this free online course encompasses the biblical world, politics, culture, and aspects of life during the period that would lead to the creation of the Christian Bible.

More so, the course consists of 19 lessons starting from ancient Israel and taking the student to a place that teaches them to write like the Prophet.

#2. Theology and Culture Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This free online course program focuses on the relationship between culture and theology.

Basically, It deals with theology from various aspects of human life: work, home, politics, and even sports.

The aim of this free online bible course is to teach people to get God involved in every area of their lives and how they consciously see how people live and how they think.

Theology and culture are an ideal category for people who want to value their lives compared to the Bible and God’s vision of the Bible.

#3. Anthropology 135 A: Religion & Social Order

Next in our list of Free Online Bible Courses with Certificates is Anthropology 135A: Religion & Social Order. This course teaches the role of religion in society.

Basically, this course is taught with PowerPoint presentations. More so, it gives students the opportunity to examine how religion has impacted society through art, politics, and popular culture.

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Furthermore, this free online bible course explores topics as diverse as the Salem witchcraft trials and UFO sightings. The interesting part of this course is that it doesn’t require textbooks.

#4. Anthropology of Religion

Location: Utah State University

This free online Bible course is designed for undergraduate students who want to know more about the concept of religion as a cultural phenomenon.

During this course, as a student, you can access video lectures, lecture notes, quizzes, visual aids, and a list of additional resources.

Though credit isn’t offered for completion of USU OpenCourseWare classes, students may be able to earn credit for knowledge acquired through a departmental examination, which could contribute to a religion degree online.

#5. Basics of Spiritual Growth

Location: Asbury Theological Seminary

Next in the list of 10 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificates is Basics of Spiritual Growth. This is a foundational class that teaches spiritual growth.

This course will take you through how you can fully devote live a christ-like life and build your attitude of faith and expectation and avoid being crushed and devoured by the Evil one.

Furthermore, the class will take you through the teachings of the Lord’s Prayer and its meaning. The Lord’s Prayer gives you a model, not only for praying but also for growing spiritually each day as a follower of Jesus.

#6. Jesus in Scripture and Tradition: Biblical and Historical

Location: University of Notre Dame

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Next in the free online bible courses is a course title Jesus in the Bible and Tradition. This program focuses on Jesus as an entity of the church. It also studies the religious aspects of Christianity in the Old and New Testaments.

Basically, this free bible online course provides students with an introduction to important people, places, and events in Christianity from the perspective of Israel and Christ.

As a student, you can learn by comparing passages and links within the Bible. Note, this free course is eight weeks class.

#7. Introduction to the New Testament, history and literature

Location: Yale University

If you want to get a deeper understanding of the Old Testament, taking this course; Introduction to the New Testament, history and literature at Yale University should be your option.

This free online bible course is a category ranked seventh because it is related to religion and is relevant to world culture today. It is a series of video conferences with the option to download all lessons at the same time.

Furthermore, these lessons are related to current policy within the United States and around the world. Students also learn about the development of Western ideas and how they relate to the New Testament Bible.

You can also find this course on iTunes or YouTube.

#8. The Gospel Demystified

Locations: Aletheia Logos University

Aletheia Logos University offers free online lessons and traditional university lessons as well. Free lessons easily convert into college credit.

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One of the benefits for students studying here is that there are many materials available. This course teaches about the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus as it appears in the Bible and in real life.

During the course, the class reveals the wisdom of the Bible and then explains it in a modern way. By doing this, students gain insight into both the Bible and the Bible as they learn to think about issues with a critical eye.

#9. Formation of Jesus at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Location: San Pablo Center

Next in the list of free online Bible courses is a course on the Formation of Jesus. Enrolling for this course will give you insight into the story of Jesus from birth from a Catholic point of view.

Basically, It provides a brilliant and in-depth analysis of scriptures, church documents, and often refers to Scripture in the Bible, which is also the main book.

Other course offerings include charter of love, reading of the Old Testament in the new, pregnancy lamb. Expect an easy-to-use site where students learn through reading, audio, and visuals.

#10. Introduction to Theology

Location: The Dallas Theological Institute

Last but not least in our list of free Online Bible courses in the Introduction to Theology at Dallas Theological Institute.

This free bible course is a learning class on the move without supporting the previous chapters on this list.

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Thus, the class consists of a series of 60 lectures, most of which last approximately 15 minutes. All are free and available through iTunes.

This course uses the Bible as the main text and students learn about the deeper concepts of theology, such as interpretation, canons, and involuntary management. The class is easily accessible and can be enjoyed free of charge online or on a mobile device.

What are the Benefits of an Online Certificate?

The importance of online certificates cannot be overemphasized. Aside from it been easy and fast to acquire than a traditional degree, it can help boost your resume.

Some certification courses can be completed in less than six to eight weeks, and you can complete an entire series in less than a few months.

Also, another benefit of an online Certificate is that its affordable to earn. They are much less expensive than obtaining a traditional bachelor’s or master’s degree.

You won’t have to interrupt your job to go to school, either, so you can earn credentials that make you more valuable at work or in a future job, without affecting your current earning potential.

Moreso it is more flexible to meet the education requirements of an online program. Unlike universities that you must provide all the required documents before you can enrol, Online certificate enrollment is different.

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