[Gossip] Beautician allegedly murdered by ex-cage fighter was stabbed in the heart and neck, jury told

A 32 year old beautician known as Melissa Belshaw, was stabbed in the heart, neck and chest by her ex who is a cagefighter after he claimed she was an escort who had slept with his family members, a court jury has heard.


Belshaw, was subjected to a “prolonged, remorseless and deliberate” attack by Andrew Wadsworth, 37,  jurors in Manchester Crown Court heard..


Beautician allegedly murdered by ex-cage fighter was stabbed in the heart and neck, jury told


After stabbing her on May 20, Wadsworth allegedly came out of the house in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and pinned her neighbour Gerard Bristow to the floor, before repeatedly stabbing him.

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He also then allegedly threatened to kill the Belshaw’s 13-year-old daughter with a knife to her throat before a passer-by heard her cries of distress.

The passerby then smashed open the front door to rescue her.


Beautician allegedly murdered by ex-cage fighter was stabbed in the heart and neck, jury told


According to the Manchester Evening News, the teenager had earlier called police from inside the property before her phone battery ran out.


Wadsworth, of Cranfield Road, Wigan, claimed in police interviews he lost his temper and stabbed her after she made “shock” disclosures about her sex life, and a set-up arranged by her in which he was robbed and injured.

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Wadsworth accepts killing Ms Belshaw but denies murder, attempted murder and making threats to kill.


Pathologist Dr Charles Wilson who handled Belshaw’s body after she was stabbed to death, told the court on Thursday.

“People can survive injuries like this, if they get very urgent medical intervention, but quite often it is fatal.”


He described it as a “very serious injury”, which even with swift medical intervention can ‘often prove fatal when you get a stab wound to the heart of this nature’.

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Belshaw’s neigbor, Bristow, 46 was asked whether his Liverpudlian accent had drawn Wadsworth’s attention to him, to which he replied: “No I wouldn’t say so.

“I’m not too sure. I think he launched at me because I was asking questions.”


Mr Bristow said he was asking whether people inside the house were okay.


An off duty female police officer who lived nearby heard screams and went to see what had happened.

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She said she saw a child who said “Andy had stabbed her mum”.

The officer said the girl told her Wadsworth and Ms Belshaw had been arguing, “something about her having a sugar daddy in the house”.


Jurors also heard the statement of a woman who was passing the scene in a car being driven by her husband.

“At that point I felt so scared I couldn’t believe what was happening,” she said.

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Describing a man she saw with a knife, the witness added: “He had a frenzied look in his face. He looked ashen white, as if he was off his face.”


His court trial continues.

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