[Gossip] EMGRAND X7 SPORT is coming

As Exclusive Partner of Geely Automotive in Nigeria, Mikano International Limited, is excited to introduce the BOLD but GRACEFUL Geely Emgrand X7 Sport to Nigeria this November.


As the pioneering work under the guidance of Geely Automobile’s SUV strategy, Emgrand X7 Sport is the best-selling model among its SUV product portfolio in the past years; taking the shortest time to achieve cumulative sales of 500,000 units among all C-class SUVs in Chinese market. While X7 SPORT spent 25 months to reach this achievement, other popular SUVs such as Honda CRV and Volkswagen Tiguan took 86 months and 42 months respectively.

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EMGRAND X7 SPORT is coming


Meanwhile, the performance of Emgrand X7 Sport in the global market is also outstanding.


In January, 2019, with a monthly sales of 2,777 units Emgrand X7 Sport successfully surpassed the full range of SUVs, including a number of Honda and Toyota’s star SUV models, and became the sales champion in its segment in the Malaysian market; At the end of the same year, it became the champion model for oversea markets of all Chinese independent brands, and ranked top of market share in many countries-

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  • The sales champion of high-end SUVs in Malaysia,
  • The best-selling C-class SUV in Belarus,
  • The best-selling Chinese brand SUV in Russia, etc.


EMGRAND X7 SPORT is coming


By July 2020, Emgrand X7 Sport series of models have been sold in 17 countries covering Europe, Asia, and the Americas. With cumulative global sales exceeding 1 million Emgrand X7 Sport has set a new benchmark for the globalization of Chinese branded models.


It is believed that Emgrand X7 Sport will bring great benefits for Nigerian customers, meanwhile, it will lay a solid foundation for the development of Geely Automobile in Nigeria to introduce more and more selective products in near future.

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EMGRAND X7 SPORT is coming


Visit www.geely.ng for more details.


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