[Gossip] ‘I will like him to say who pressures him’ -Jose Mourinho hit out at England manager Gareth Southgate for claiming some clubs pressure him over player selections

Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho has hit out at England manager, Gareth Southgate, after the national team coach revealed he receives pressure from some club coaches to release players from international duty so they won’t get injured.


According to Mourinho,  Manchester City must have put pressure on the England boss to release Raheem Sterling ahead of this weekend’s clash with Tottenham.


Mourinho frequently criticizes Southgate’s usage of Harry Kane, saying the striker is overused and could get injured.


Kane started two of England’s three matches during the international break, missing the friendly against Ireland before featuring in Nations League clashes with Belgium and Iceland.

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Tottenham players Kane, Harry Winks and Eric Dier were all involved in the  clash with Iceland, while Dier pulled out of England squad this October with a hamstring injury that has ruled him out of Spurs clash against Manchester City this weekend.


Sterling, a Manchester City player, was allowed to return to his club early, claiming injury but Mourinho is angry that players of other clubs can be allowed to leave international duty while his stars are not allowed the same freedom.

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Southgate stated this week that his squad was “under huge pressure from their clubs” to withdraw from national team matches due to the risk of injury, and Mourinho has called on Southgate to specify which managers he has been discussing his squad with, hinting that Sterling and Manchester City are getting preferential treatment.


“Gareth Southgate, I read, I don’t think I’m wrong in what I read, he supposedly told that some football club managers, they put pressure not to play for the national team and because of that he feels sometimes the need to call club managers to try to cool down the emotions and try to control the difficult situation for him,” Mourinho said.

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“I would like him to say who. I would like him to say which are the coaches who put pressure on the players not to go, and I would like him to say which are the coaches that he calls and speaks on the phone with them.

“Apart from that, he has the right, he has the power to call the players he wants. He wants to win matches, especially after a defeat, the next match even being a dead rubber is an important match. I sympathise with that.

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“And of course we all know Sterling will play tomorrow. When Eric Dier left the national team injured in the previous month, he didn’t play two matches for Tottenham. He didn’t play a Premier League match and a Europa League match. He needed a couple of weeks to recover and Raheem is going to play tomorrow.

“These are the little details I think Gareth should explain to us all. Apart from that, I totally support him in the fact that in the national team, in a country like England, the Three Lions on the shirt is always to be respected and he plays with the players he wants to play.

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“I’m OK with that [Kane starting against Iceland]. A national team match should never be a dead rubber like you call it. The only problem for me is should be the same for everybody, not just for some.”


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