Hepatitis-C Drugs make possible treatment of corona infection, big Claim in Research

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New Delhi: Hepatitis-C medicines are effective in the treatment of corona infection. This has been claimed in a study published in the journal Science called Structures. Research by scientists at the US Department of Energy found that hepatitis-C drugs have a special enzyme that has the ability to prevent the coronavirus from increasing its number in human cells.

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The research was conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy. Research found that the main protease of corona virus can be destroyed by Hepatitis-C medicine. Protease is an important protein enzyme that provides reproductive strength to the corona virus. Researchers say that to prevent the spread of the corona virus, it is necessary to prevent the proteases present in it from functioning. The lead author Daniel Neller states that we have found in research that hepatitis-C drugs inhibit and inhibit the corona virus protease.

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The lead author, Daniel Neller, stated that no such drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exists that markets the main protease of the SARS-Cove-2 virus. This research, he says, is the first step in determining whether these drugs should be considered as useful candidates in the treatment of corona infection.

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