How can I become a Machinist in 2020?

Do Machinists make
good money?

A career as a machinist can be rewarding and fun, especially
when it comes to working with different materials and producing amazing and
complicated parts.

But in the end, the compensation counts. What is often
misunderstood in this industry is that the pay gap for machinists is above the
national median.

Your salary depends on your educational background, but most
machinists earn above the national average salary.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in 2016 that those who have a high school diploma earn an average annual salary of $36,000, while those with an associate’s degree earn $42,000 across all occupations.

The BLS also reported average pay for machinists in 2016, with average earnings of $43,200 at all levels of education.

The top 10% of machinists earn over $62,500. Depending on which projects you work on, these wages can be even higher. For example, someone who works in the aerospace or technology industries can expect to earn a higher salary than a machinist, but probably needs more training, which can be expensive.

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Experience also plays a role, as salaries are likely to rise
as operators take more years. However, many entry-level jobs as a machinist
require little to no training cost and experience, making the investment highly
profitable after hiring in the industry.

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