How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Braamfontein

Securing accommodation as a student in South Africa is always difficult and expensive, especially if you’re looking for one in an area like Braamfontein, Johannesburg. However, you can still find cheap student accommodation in Braamfontein Johannesburg with proper guidance.

But finding the right person to guide you through the house search process in Braamfontein is a difficult task. This is why students have been complaining that finding suitable and affordable accommodation in Braamfontein is impossible.

As a result of these complaints, we have put down this simple guide on how to get a very cheap student accommodation in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. This guide will help both new and returning students in Braamfontein to make better decisions concerning housing.

For more highlights on this article, you can glance through the table of contents.

Table of Contents

How Easy Is It To Rent A Student Apartment In Braamfontein?

Whenever a new academic session is about to start, students all over Braamfontein start running helter-skelter to secure a nice accommodation.

This act is common with almost every new student thereby making it difficult to rent an apartment in Braamfontein.

If you don’t know to get a student apartment in Braamfontein, you will spend lots of money on securing one.

Housing agents in Braamfontein utilize this opportunity to make enough money from students who do not know much about rent in Braamfontein.

Tips On How To Get Cheap Student Accommodation In Braamfontein

You may be wondering how you can get a student apartment on the cheap without knowledge of Braamfontein. This is why we have put together the necessary steps you should take to get a very nice housing in Braamfontein.

Therefore, these are the tips you should use to get accommodation in Braamfontein Johannesburg:

1. Ensure to apply time

The moment you confirm your admission offer as a new student, apply for accommodation immediately. This is because cheap and comfortable student accommodation in Braamfontein is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Remember, “early to bed, early to rise”.

If you make an early application, chances are that you will get a student apartment in Braamfontein on the cheap. You will even have the opportunity to make choices so as to select a very beautiful house or room.

2. Consider the location of the house

This is a very important thing to note. While making your accommodation decision, you should consider apartments that are closer to the school.

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You won’t like to stay in a place that is far from the campus. If you go to the United States and the U.K, most students like living on campus. This enables them to be alert on any latest happening on campus.

On the other hand, choosing to live closer to the campus will help you to spend less on transportation. Do not forget that you’re a student and you’re on a budget.

3. Set a budget

You don’t just start looking for an accommodation in Braamfontein as a student without mapping out a budget. Setting out a budget will help you to narrow down your search for a student apartment in Braamfontein.

Your budget will determine if you will look for look for an apartment where you will live alone or a shared apartment. The shared apartment could mean you sharing toilets or parlour.

You should also consider the cost of furnishing your apartment. The furnishing will involve buying of electronic appliances, foam, and cooking utensils.

4. Consult old students or an agency

Making findings from returning students or reliable housing agents will help you to make a better decision in finding accommodation in Braamfontein. This is because they know where you can get the best student accommodation in Braamfontein at a cheaper rate.

To do this, simply login to the school website and click on the student life section of the website. You will find contact information of old students that you can make your inquiries from.

These students will be in a better position to recommend a nice location with cheap apartments to rent in Braamfontein.

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5. Ensure to check the school website for accommodation

This is, in fact, one of the best ways to seek accommodation as a new student in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Most of the schools have a section on their website where you can look up for accommodation on campus.

You can contact the college accommodation office to find out the available spaces and how you can secure an apartment for yourself.

When Should I Start Looking For A Student Apartment To Rent In Braamfontein?

At the beginning of every academic session, there is always a rush for accommodation by students. If you are a new or returning student, you should know the best time to start searching for accommodation. Once you know this, you will get affordable accommodation in a very nice location in Braamfontein.

New Students

Statistics show that most new students tend to live on campus. This affords them the opportunity to mix and interact with fellow students both old and new.

Most schools in Braamfontein usually notify students about accommodation deadlines so that they can hasten up and apply to get one. If you feel so carefree about the deadline, you could miss out on securing an apartment on campus.

However, if you did not meet up with the deadline, you can look for accommodation off-campus. Living off-campus is just the only option you have once you miss out on securing a space in the school dormitory.

Another problem is getting the right housemates or roommates that you will live off-campus. Several student groups on campus organize meet-ups for students that are seeking accommodation off-campus. This will help you to get students that you’ll live with that share similar values with you.

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These student groups are usually made up of returning students. They help the new students in getting affordable accommodation in locations that are very closer to the school.

Returning Students

After the first year, students now know every nook and cranny of the school and Braamfontein area. They are now tired of the student halls/dormitories and would like to live off-campus.

In looking for a cheap apartment off-campus within Braamfontein, students can inquire from friends that have a better knowledge of the Braamfontein area or find out from reliable agents. Some students operate as housing agents and they put up banners advertising for available accommodation as well.

Returning students can start by making these inquiries towards the end of the summer semester. During this period, students can get to know about apartments that graduating students will vacate from.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Get Student Accommodation In Braamfontein?

The cost of renting a student apartment in Braamfontein depends on the location in the city. It also depends on whether you choose to stay in a single room or a shared one.

Student Digz reports that it offers not less than 1,900 accommodation spaces in seven developments in Braamfontein Johannesburg with rentals starting from R1 890 per person.

A single room in Dudley Heights costs R4400 while a shared room costs not less than R3 500. Shared rooms in an area like Skyways costs not less than R3 600.

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Additionally, a single room in Baker House costs R4 400 while a shared room costs between R3 600 to R3 900. Single rooms for rent in Argyle Centre costs R4 400 while the cost of a shared room ranges from R3 600 to R3 900.

On the other hand, bachelor units cost R6000 per month, a one-bedroom apartment costs not less than R7500 per month and a two-bedroom apartment costs R8500.

The rents differ for each apartment and unit. Factors like the apartment furnishing, availability of wi-fi, electricity, etc make the prices differ as well.

Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodation In Braamfontein?

Although institutions in Braamfontein offer students accommodation on campus, most of the students prefer living off-campus especially from their second year onwards.

The reason is that most of these new students come from other provinces, thus, they do not know the areas in Braamfontein very well.

Once they enter their second year, they decide to move out the student halls so as to look for accommodation within the Braamfontein area.

The first year has given them enough opportunity to make friends and get to know Braamfontein very well. They might even decide to share any accommodation they find off campus with their friends

Most of the accommodation off campus in Braamfontein do not come on the cheap. This continues to pose a challenge for students but we have put down for you places in Braamfontein where you can get cheap student accommodation.

Therefore, below is a table that shows places in Braamfontein where student accommodation is very cheap:

Dudley Heights Skyways Baker House Argyle Centre
Single Room (L) – R4 400 3 Sharing – WITS – R3 600 Single Room (L) – R4 400 Single Room (L) – R4 400
2 Sharing – R3 900 2 Sharing – R3 900 2 Sharing – R3 900 2 Sharing – R3 900
3 Sharing – UJ – R3 600 Communal Single – R3 900 3 Sharing – UJ – R3 600 3 Sharing – UJ – R3 600
3 Sharing – WITS – R3 600 3 Sharing – WITS – R3 600 3 Sharing – WITS – R3 600
2+2 Sharing – R3 500
Communal 2 Sharing – R3 700
Communal Single – R3 900


Securing affordable accommodation as a student in Braamfontein is not that easy if you do not know how to go about it. Several students have made mistakes while making their accommodation decision mainly in their first year.

By reading this our guide, you will never make the mistakes most students made concerning accommodation in Braamfontein. This guide will also help you to secure more affordable accommodation that is very beautiful in Braamfontein

FAQs on the Student Accommodation in Braamfontein Johannesburg

Is student accommodation in Braamfontein first-come-first-serve?

Yes. Offers of student accommodation in Braamfontein are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.

When should I apply for student accommodation in Braamfontein?

You can start your accommodation application immediately you accept your offer of admission. We advise that you contact the university for more details on the application process.

What is student accommodation called?

A dormitory that comes from the Latin word dormitorium (dorm) is a building that provides sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people including boarding school, high school, college, or university students.

Does student accommodation in Braamfontein include bills?

Yes. Student accommodation in Braamfontein include bills including heating, lighting, and water. These are included in the price of the accommodation. On the other hand, students in halls of residence don’t pay council tax.



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