How To Get A Nottingham Student Accommodation very Cheap

Nottingham houses two of the largest and popular universities in the UK. Because of the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, thousands of students migrate here yearly to get the best of education England has to offer. As a result, there is a need for student accommodation.

Since all students do not have the same financial capacity, many seek a cheap and comfortable student accommodation in Nottingham.

To this effect, we have compiled a list of the cheapest yet comfortable student accommodation for students in Nottingham.

How Easy Is It To Get Student Accommodation In Nottingham?

You can agree with me that it will be difficult to find a cheap and comfortable accommodation in a city with two popular universities.

Also, the students will consider both cost and proximity.

Therefore, you need this guide below to make your search for a cheap Nottingham student accommodation easy.

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Tips on how to get a cheap student accommodation fast in Nottingham

Tips #1 – Get in Early

It is very important to start the search for cheap student accommodation in Nottingham early. Many students are in search while the affordable accommodations are limited.

For instance, some of the accommodation schemes we listed below are already fully booked.

To eliminate the problem of becoming homeless, start your search early. In fact, the ideal time to start is by September of the year preceding your admission or return to school.

Tip #2 – Set a price budget

This streamlines your search to what you can comfortably afford. There are some apartments that do not have extra charges for water, electricity, etc. Check hem out.

Basically, most of the student accommodation in Nottingham that we mentioned already include the extra charges in the rent.

Another advantage of getting a comfortable room is that it is already furnished. You will save the cost of furnishing.

In other words, consider all the cost that are involved, not just the advertised rental price.

Tip #3 – Consider the location

When looking for student accommodation in Nottingham, consider the location so that you won’t have to take a long ride home after school.

Therefore, select a property within a walking distance to your school. This eliminates stress, saves time and transportation fare.

Tip #4 –Check for School Accommodation

This is one of the cheapest student accommodations in Nottingham. New students are advised to start their search from the school accommodation office. Most colleges have accommodation websites and offices.

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All you need to do is find out the available spaces and apply. You will even be given preference as a new student.

Tip #5 Check Accommodation Agencies

Accommodation agencies have detailed information on the details of your search. They can provide the right advice on location, facilities in each house, and lots more.

They also help you resolve problems since most of them are facility managers.

We have listed some of the best platforms to get information on cheap student accommodation in Nottingham.

List of cheap accommodations for students in Nottingham

There are many students’ houses in Nottingham. In so far we are looking for budget-friendly accommodation, we also want you to live in a comfortable place.

In other words, our watchword is cheap but comfortable.

The cheap sudents accommodation in Nottingham are below;

  • Trent Accommodation
  • The Nest
  • Host Lace Market Studios
  • Russell View Student Accommodation
  • Mansion place
  • Graystacks
  • Hello Student Accommodation
  • Nova by Prima Vidae
  • The Rise Nottingham
  • KP House
  • iQ Student Accommodation

We are going to explain some of these cheap student accommodations and how to get them.

#1 iQ Student Accommodation

Water, Electricity and Internet included in fees.

Partly Furnished Student Accommodation

iQ has any type of room you want. You will find private studios, ensuite of different plans, and apartments for sharing.

Students can enjoy the pool, social hub with TV, free internet, and many other activities that take place on-site.

You can get a comfortable house below £150 per week.

It is a very cheap and affordable Nottingham student accommodation.

#2 Graystacks Student Accommodation

247 security, Wifi, Electricity included

This is another affordable yet excellent Nottingham student accommodation.

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It is ideal for students who wish to reside for a long period. Let me explain. If you want to live in Graystacks for 48 weeks, your rent will be around £130 per week.

However, if you will reside foor 51 weeks, you pay £128 per week.

The types of rooms students can pay for are en-suite and non-ensuite. You will have to make a deposit of £250 which will be refunded at the end of your tenancy.

If you refer any of your friends and they sign a 48 or 51-week tenancy, you will receive £50 per referral. This can be a good source of income.

In addition, they may be contacted through

#3 Russel View

Security, TV, Electricity, Internet

Russel View boasts of a selection of ensuite, flats, and studios. Our ensuite, cluster flats come equipped with a shared kitchen, TV, and living area.

However, if you’d prefer to have your own private kitchen and living space then our studio rooms are perfect.

You can get a beautiful room from £128.

Many students voted this cheap student accommodation in Nottingham as one of the best residency for students.

They typically pointed out great facilities like big rooms, beds, and storage spaces. Not forgetting a good environment.

Again, students of the University of Nottingham or Clifton Campus benefit from a free bus pass to school. All they need is just the ticket.

#4 Hello Student Accommodation

Hello Student represents an affordable luxury.

Students can get any of the rooms offered here. First, there is the Talbot point. Second, the Talbot studios. Finally, the Frontage.

The house is fully furnished, so there will be no need for an extra budget for furnising.

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Also included in the plan is wifi, CCTV, bike storage, cinema, study room, game room, gym, and lots more.

#5 Host Lace Market Studios

Luxury Student Accommodation

Host believes that the space students live in determines their productivity. That is why they have brought to you a luxury apartment for your studies.

It is situated in the heart of Nottingham’s popular lace market.

Actually, students from both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent can reside here.

There are basically 3 room types students opt for.

First is the Premium Studios. This is the most popular student choice. Costs from £172.00 per week.

Secondly, the Standard Plus Studios cost about £172.00 per week. It is for students looking to enjoy a VIP lifestyle, without breaking the bank.

Lastly, the Premium Plus Studio has a balcony and that extra class of luxury. It costs £183.00 per weekS

There are also the Large Premium Studios (exclusive luxury) and Extra-Large Premium Studio with a balcony.

In conclusion, students enjoy many facilities. Some of these facilities include are TV, CCTV, game projector, internet, and equipped kitchen.

Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodation In Nottingham?

There are different platforms where cheap student accommodation can be gotten.

Students should check their University’s accommodation platforms. They offer one of the cheapest accommodation plans for Nottingham students.

Next is to check the residencies we have listed above.

Asides these, there are other platforms where you will see varieties of accommodations. They provide information on available accommodations in the city. Here is a list of a few of them.

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How much does it cost to get a Student Accommodation in Nottingham?

According to the University of Nottingham, students will pay an aggregate sum of  £2,395.10 for accommodation.

Students who choose to live in an off-campus residence should budget about £2,400. With this, they can live in a comfortable apartment close to school.

There are a number of scholarships that can help students in Nottingham offset their bills. Here are 9 Best Nottingham Trent Scholarships To Apply For In 2020 and the University of Nottingham Masters Scholarships.


The city of Nottingham has two very popular universities that admit thousands of students yearly.

Because of the high influx of students, there is set to be student accommodation issues if you apply late.

Therefore, the World Scholarship Forum has put up a guide on how to apply. In addition, we have also brought the cheapest student accommodations in Nottingham.


What are the cheapest student accommodations in Nottingham?

You will get an affordable yet classy student accommodation in these housing schemes;

Trent Accommodation
The Nest
Host Lace Market Studio
Russell View Student Accommodation
Mansion place
Hello Student Accommodation
Nova by Prima Vidae
The Rise Nottingham
KP House
iQ Student Accommodation

Where can i search for student accommodation in Nottingham?

Search these platforms for different kinds of accommodation for students in Nottingham.

When To Start Hunting For Student Accommodation In Nottingham?

It is very important to start your search for student accommodation early.
Typically, you should begin the year preceding your return to school. August- September is the most ideal time.


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