How To Get a Student Accommodation In Cork Ireland Very Cheap

You may not have to worry too much about a roof over your head after each day’s lecture if you go to school from the family home.

If this isn’t the case for you, there may be a need for you to engage yourself in the search for not just a student accommodation but a cheap one.

I’m sure you can’t wait to know how you can get a student accommodation in Cork, Ireland. Let’s get started.

Home to about 10% of international students from around the world, Cork City in Ireland is a place where they can call home.

This article will provide you with every piece of information you need pertaining to student living. See the table of contents below to have an overview.

Table of Contents

Why Choose a Student Accommodation In Cork, Ireland?

Cork is Ireland’s 3rd major city and home to over 15,000 students. Therefore, you may want to get a student accommodation in Cork for the following reasons:

  • Safe condition
  • Inventive and innovative culture
  • Topnotch education services
  • Home to Worldwide organisations.

What are The Types of Student Accommodation in Cork, Ireland?

A search for a student accommodation without a prior knowledge of the available ones will result to futility and disappointment.

To avoid this, we have outlined the types of student accommodation you can find in Cork.

On-Campus Accommodation

Basically, these are houses owned by institutions. Often times than not, these student accomodations are found withing the school premises.

If you wish to stay in the univerity hall, you will have to apply through the school’s website.

Off-Campus Accommodation

This type of student apartment is a place where you get the independence you’ve been craving for.

You can make do sharing your kitchen, bathroom with others while taking advantage of utilities such as pubs, cafés, or swimming pools.

As the name implies, they are located outside the school’s premises. Therefore, ensure you choose one that is near the college.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Student Accommodation In Cork, Ireland?

How much it may cost you getting a student accommodation in Cork varies depending on which area you choose to live.

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The price ranges from a monthly price of €400 to €850 for a shared room and private rooms respectively.

Since rent isn’t the only expenses you will make, you should bear in mind to pay an average sum of €28 for electric, water and gas weekly.

Factors To Consider Before Getting a Student Accommodation

There are certain criterias your ideal house must meet before you even think of settling the bills.

Check the list of things that you must not miss to look out for.

  • Nearness to school
  • Internet access
  • Safety
  • Cost

Nearness to School

The benefits of living close to your school can’t be over emphasized. This is to ease you the stress of jumping from one bus to another when you have important things to catch up with.

Internet Access

In your search for a student accommodation in cork, ensure you get one with an internet access.


The first step you must take to stay away from danger is to get a student accommodation in a safe environment.

It adds value to how excellent you perform in school.


Things get way beyond your budget if you are not under any tuition waiver.

Nonetheless, to no go bankrupt, you should get a student accommodation within your capacity.

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Also, ensure you can keep up with it till your college duration elapses.

How Do I Get Student Accommodation In Cork?

Your consideration in the process of getting a student accommodation in Cork has a great influence to what you finally settle down for.

Therefore, below are the simple things you have to do to get a student accommodation in Cork.

Examine the Area and Decide What is Best for You

If you want to get the best for yourself, you should devote quality time to examining the house and the facilities in it to aid your comfort.

When you feel all is in place, you can decide which of the many places you examined is good for your living.

Take Advantage of Student Accommodation Websites

The world we are in has made a lot of things easy to access.

One of such things is the availability of websites providing us with the right information while saving us the time for walking about the whole of Cork, Ireland in search of student accommodation.

Through these sites, you can choose from the options they present you with.

Pick a Price that Suits your Needs

Paying for student accommodation is your major expenses in school. So, do not let your quest for a comfortable housing make you go borrowing.

The ideal thing in getting a student accommodation is not going beyond your limit.

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If sharing your apartment with other students will make you stay within your budget, then, go for it.

Complete Documentation

Signing the documents and knowing your rights afterwards is paramount.

Read the documents thoroughly before you sign on those papers.

What Are The Cheapest Student Accommodation In Cork?

Some of the places where you can find cheap student accommodations in Cork are as follows:

#1 Lee Point

Location: South Main Street, City Centre, Cork.

Price: €225 weekly.

Lee Point is the newest student accommodation in the hub of Cork, available to book now for the 2020 academic session.

Strategically located in a place where there are plenty of bars and restaurants, you only need to walk a few distance down to the University College Cork.

All amenities you can think of but shaving points, in-room phone, washer dryer, photocopier, satellite, car lot and garden landscaping are available in this student accommodation.

#2 Nido Curraheen Point, Cork

Location: Curraheen Point,Farranlea Road,Cork,T12 AY95.

Price: €225 weekly per room.

This student accommodation consists of studio and ensuite rooms and is about 20-minute walk from UCC, CIT, and Cork Dental School & Hospital.

Irrespective of the course you are studying, it is always easy for you to attend lectures early.

Additionally, you have access to WiFi and study spaces.

#3 Amnis House, Cork

Location: Western Road, City Centre, Cork.

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Price: €227 weekly per room.

Residing in this student accommodation gives you the advantage of locating CIT, Cork College of Commerce, and St John’s Central College in few minutes.

At Amnis House, your stay in Cork will be bother free. With the price above, you can get any of the room types available.

Are There Scholarships That Cover Living Costs For Students In Cork?

There are several other scholarships awarded to international students on merit. However, at the time of writing this article, we did not find scholarships that cover the living costs for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cork a safe place to study?

According to Numbeo, it is a city with the lowest crime rate and highes safety count in the world.

How expensive is the cost of living for students in Cork?

The cost of student accommodation in Cork varies and is solely dependent on which area you reside.

What should I look out for in getting a student accommodation in Cork?

You should consider the following factors if you want to get a student accommodaion in Cork:
Nearness to school
Internet access


A comfortable living is as important as your academic performance. To avoid a lot of distractions, you can make do with the on-campus accommodation in your first year of study.

Then, get a student accommodation in your latter years of study.




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