How to get Australian Permanent Resident PR

How to get Australian Permanent Resident PR

10 Legal Effective Tips for Obtaining a Permanent Resident Australia

One of the goals of people to Australia both for work and study is to get a PR or Permanent Resident. Of course there are many advantages that can be obtained by becoming a Permanent Resident of Australia.

But in this article, we want to discuss 10 effective tips for getting homework, let’s look carefully at the following points:

Perform Skill Assessment – Capability assessment

The first step that must be taken by the applicant is to find out the list of jobs whether they are included in the Skill Occupation List (SOL) and whether the skills possessed can get points in the skill assessment. The criteria for skill assessment vary between work one and the other.

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In general, the assessment is education, work experience, and English language skills. If you meet the above conditions, the applicant can apply for an Australian General Skill Visa or an expert visa.

Or if the list of jobs is not in SOL, then you can find a list of jobs in the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List) . There are approximately 600 job listings in CSOL that will increase the opportunity for someone to get the opportunity to work in Australia.

But if with the type of work that is in CSOL, the applicant must get additional sponsorship from the state government or the sponsoring company.

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Knowing the Skill select Procedure

All applicants must go through the skill select procedure. The first step in this skill select system, all applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and receive an invitation from the Department of Immigration before they apply for a General Skilled Migration Visa .

With the Graduate Temporary Visa

Graduate Temporary (subclass 485) Visa gives an additional 18 months or more to work and live in Australia after your studies.

Graduate temporary can be obtained if the applicant has completed a minimum of 2 years of study in Australia and has an IELTS score of 6.0 for all components.

With this Graduate Temporary Visa, applicants will benefit, including:

  1. additional time to stay in Australia,
  2. applicants can find work full-time and get the right to study;
  3. applicants can seek corporate sponsorship so that later will add points;
  4. opportunity to be nominated for the State.
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Nominated by the State

Nominations from the state can be very beneficial for international students because:

  1. Get 5 additional points for sponsors to live in the metropolitan area and 10 to live in areas;
  2. Broader scope of work (from CSOL);
  3. Get priority in Skill Select.

English Language Ability

For PR submissions, all applicants need a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 for all components, namely, reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Collect Work Experience Points

Work experience will contribute points up to 20 points. This work experience must be in accordance with the educational background. The longer the work experience, the more points.

Study in Australia

With study in Australia, it will add extra points when submitting PR. The level of study is whether the Diploma, Bachelor, or Master will also affect points because each level of study has different points.

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Sponsor from the Company

By getting a sponsor from the company, it will increase the chances of applicants to become PR. With this company sponsor, applicants can apply for several work visas in advance, including:

  1. Temporary working visa (subclass 457) is a 4-year work visa that requires a minimum IELTS score of 5.0. The sponsoring company must meet the financial and training requirements to be able to sponsor.
  2. ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) is a permanent visa, which can be submitted after obtaining a 457 work visa for 2 years.
  3. RSMS (Regional Skilled Migration Scheme) is a permanent work visa that can be submitted if you get a job offer in a regional region of Australia.

Get the Right Bridging Visa

Getting the right Bridging visa is not easy and requires a short time. As the name implies, this bridging visa functions as a bridge between the previous visa and the next visa.

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Incorrect steps in the visa process result in applicants’ visas expiring and even applicants being overstayed or illegal.

Surely a misstep in this process will prevent applicants from becoming PR. Contacting a registered migration agent is the right solution to apply for a bridging visa.

Always Up To Date

Well, because Australian immigration law is always changing, it never hurts to always update information from the Australian immigration website or find the right information to agents migrating to Australia.

With the 10 tips above, surely you can get homework smoothly.

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