How to get Cheap Cardiff Student Accommodation in 2020

Don’t let the high cost of education in the UK discourage you from applying to a Cardiff university. Actually, Cardiff is one of the most affordable cities in the UK for students to live and study in. It is better experienced than told!

Students can choose to study at any of its major universities. They are Cardiff UniversityThe University of WalesUniversity of South Wales, Cardiff CampusRoyal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Once you have secured admission to any Cardiff university, begin your search for cheap and affordable student accommodation. However, we advise on a comfortable, safe, and clean apartment.

We have outlined a few tips to give you a comfortable yet clean student accommodation in Cardiff.

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Students Accommodation In Cardiff

There are many students’ accommodation options in Cardiff. You either choose to live in a university residency or rent a private place.

We broadly mentioned two categories of obtaining cheap student accommodation in Cardiff. Let us elaborate on them.

University Residencies

This is one of the housing options available in Cardiff. Every University in Cardiff has its residency where students can live.

Residencies usually consist of different accommodation options to suit individual preferences and budgets. For instance, Cardiff University has many types of rooms for students. Both undergraduates and postgraduates arriving in September will get a single room.

If you want a more quiet space, just indicate it while registering. You can request a room in a shared flat/house with other students who have also expressed an interest in a quiet living environment.

Generally, university residencies promote a co-living environment. Also, they are inexpensive, fully furnished and within proximity.

 Renting An Entire Place

A group of students can come together to rent an entire house. It could be either a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment. Here, they usually have a shared living room and kitchen. Sometimes, they also share bathrooms.

While some entire house for students in Cardiff come furnished, others are sparsely furnished. Renting an entire place is a good option for students who have study mates or friends who wish to cohabit.

The rent is reduced by almost a half.

Shared Rooms

This is the ideal accommodation for students who are afraid of living alone. In other cases, where the cost of rent is costly.

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Most shared student rooms in Cardiff are fully-furnished accommodations. They are also cheap.

Private Room

This is a fully-furnished student accommodation in Cardiff. In private rooms, students get to share only the kitchen with other housemates.

This is relatively cheap and essential for students who want to live with a degree of privacy.

Studio flat

This is the most costly alternative. Students basically have a room, an equipped kitchen, and all other amenities available to themselves.

Some luxury student studio flats in Cardiff have facilities like washing and drying machines, cooking ovens, parking spaces and lots more.

How to Get Cheap Students Accommodation in Cardiff- Full Guide

Domestic and international students seeking student accommodation in Cardiff should know the following:

Tip #1 Have A Budget

Student accommodations have different costs. Set a budget for what you want and research according to it.

Tips #2 – Start Search Early

Starting the search for student’s accommodation in Cardiff early has a number of advantages. First, you get the best value accommodations. Secondly, since there is a possibility for price changes once the session begins, you will be exempted.

Lastly, early birds get accurate information especially about hidden/additional charges. This can be electricity, television, or wifi charges.

Tip #3 – Consider the location

Proximity to school is another important factor to consider while searching for students accommodation in Cardiff.

Therefore, select a property within a reasonable distance to your school.

Tip #4 Check for the Essentials

The sure tip to getting a cheap student accommodation in Cardiff is to search for houses with the basic and essential housing facilities. Bedding and kitchen appliances are necessary. This eliminates additional costs.

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Tip #5 Use only Reliable Accommodation Agencies

Accommodation agencies have detailed information as regards your search. Therefore, use only the reliable ones to avoid being homeless. Again, do not pay them partly to reserve an accommodation. It almost never ends well.

List of Cheap Accommodations for Students in Cardiff

Here is a list of budget-friendly yet comfortable student accommodation in Cardiff:

  • The West Wing
  • Prime Student Living – Howard Gardens
  • Glendower House
  • The Fitzalan Student Accommodation
  • Host Shand House
  • Unite Students – Blackweir Lodge
  • Summit House- Hello Student Accommodation
  • Bridge Street Exchange
  • Arofan House
  • City Heights
  • Crown Place
  • Alwyn Court – Hello student
  • Clodien House – Unite Student
  • Lumis Student Living
  • Talybont Gate Halls of Residence
  • Cartwright Court Halls of Residence
  • Senghennydd Hall
  • The Neighbourhood – Luxury apartments
  • Hello Students Northgate
  • North Court – Unite Students

Note: The Talybont Gate and Cartwright Court Halls of Residence are Cardiff Uiversity students accomodation.

The cheapest student accommodation in Cardiff are:

#1 Westminister House

Water, Electricity and Internet included in fees.

Fully Furnished Student Accommodation

Westminster House is an affordable student accommodation located on St Mary Street, Cardiff. It is within proximity to our major schools. For example, Cardiff University is just 10 minutes walk; the University of South Wales Campus about 9 minutes walk and Cardiff Metropolitan University’s campuses are within 25 minutes by bus.

You can choose to live in an ensuite room in flat shared by six students or a private room.

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There are facilities such as washing machines in flat, ample wardrobe space, fully equipped kitchen, and lots more.

The private room costs from £90 per week.

#2 Taff House

247 security, Wifi, Electricity included

Studio flat costs from £99 per week

Taff House previously known as Liberty Park sits on the banks of the River Taff, Pendyris Street. This is an excellent view facility.

It also has other rental plans like full year, semester and academic year.

If you choose an en-suite room, there is a benefit of a personal and fully equipped shared kitchen.

Our studios give you a living space all to yourself, including a kitchen, bathroom, bed and study desk. Ideal for those who want privacy.

#3 Shand House

Security, TV, Electricity, Internet

This student accommodation in Cardiff combines luxury with affordability. It is also in proximity with all our major schools. Including the Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Studio flat, private room costs from £104 per week. There are various room types available like 2 bed standard, 3 bed, etc.

You enjoy many facilities. Some of them are; lundry room, outdoor garden, SKY TV with sports and movies, Common room, Quiet study area and 247 security.

Located in 20 Newport road, you can email Shand House at

#4 Northgate House Apartment

Standing right next to the Cardiff Castle, Northgate House Apartments is a stone’s throw from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and also Cardiff University.

Here is why this is one of our best student accommodatios in Cardiff. All utilities are included in the price of your rent: water, electricity, heating, WIFI and free contents insurance.

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Studio flat costs from £107 per week

The house is fully furnished, so there will be no need for an extra budget for furnising.

Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodation In Cardiff?

To get a cheap student accommodation in Cardiff, check the list of our cheapest accommodations above. Enquire about your university’s residence or check these platforms below.

They are:

How much does it cost to get a Student Accommodation in Cardiff?

According to Cardiff University, the average price per week for Cardiff is £ 167. Similarly, students will pay or £547 a month. The amount varies if it is short-term accommodation.


In conclusion, it is quite easy to get cheap and affordable student accommodation in Cardiff when you follow our tips. Always work with a budget and a location distance.

Go through the post and ask questions where applicable.

Welcome to Cardiff!

World Scholarship Forum cares!

FAQs on Cheap Cardiff Student Accommodation

What are the cheapest student accommodations in Cardiff?

In 2020, the cheapest and comfortable student accommodation in Cardiff are;

University residencies
West minister House
Shand House
Taff House
Northgate House Apartment

What is the cost of cheapest student accommodation in Cardiff?

You can get a cheap student accommodation in Cardiff at $90 per week

What are the types of student accommodation in Cardiff?

Types of student accommodation in for both university residence and private apartments in Cardiff are:
Entire place
Studio flat
Private room
Shared room

Where can i find housemates in Cardiff if i choose to rent an entire place?


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