How to Get Cheap Student Accommodation Aberdeen

Except your choice of university is a stone throw to your house, you need a place to rest your head after lectures each day.

Upon securing admission, getting comfortable cheap student accommodation in Aberdeen should be your priority.

Worrying about how to pay your next rent will affect your academic performance. You can get cheap yet comfortable accommodation as a student in Aberdeen with the guide in this article. .

There are two universities in Aberdeen-University of Aberdeen and The Robert Gordon University. In 2016, the University of Aberdeen had a total student enrollment of 14, 150 while Robert Gordon had 16,710.

The number of student are likely to increase at least by 2 percent each preceeding year. Hence, getting a decent and affordable place in Aberdeen may be an uphill task.

Study in the UK reports that over 26% of the total students are international students. This means there are quite a number of students like you seeking for good student accommodation options.

This article sidelines their efforts and gives you leverage in securing a decent apartment as soon as you arrive Aberdeen for studies.

A glance at the table of contents below will reveal a series of questions duly answered in this article.

Why Get Cheap Accommodation in Aberdeen

Luxury rooms and en suite accommodations are absolutely the best for students. In Aberdeen, most luxurious rooms are exclusive to you. You would not have to share your kitchen, study hall, or any part of the apartment with anyone.

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But, you must put into consideration your tuition, miscellaneous, and other academic expenses. Can you pay them without running into debts? If no, please save yourself the stress. You don’t want to experience paying off student’s loans after graduation. It’s quite tasking.

There are comfortable student accommodations in Aberdeen that allows you to have the best study experience void of student loan debt. So, you should get cheap accommodation in Aberdeen to save costs while studying at Aberdeen.

Also, the student accommodation the universities in Aberdeen offer are usually standard, comfy, and just a short walk to the university campus. You enjoy campus life in a comfortable suite. And, you just pay less for it.

Unfortunately, if you don’t press your buttons fast to secure an apartment, enjoying this luxury at a cheaper rate may not be possible at least for a full academic session.

What are the Types of Student Accommodation in Aberdeen?

There are series of accommodation options to choose from in Aberdeen. The universities in Aberdeen provide standard, en-suite and self catered flats for students to choose from.

Depending on the school or private accommodation, specific terms are used to describe the components of each type of accommodation.

The subsequent blocks will throw more light on what each type of student room in Aberdeen entails.

University in Aberdeen Accommodation Options

Catered Student Accommodation

This type of student accommodation allows students a meal card. Once you choose this type of accommodation, you will be given a meal card.

At University of Aberdeen, you can purchase meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks at various times through the day with your meal card. Below is a schedule time meal purchase in a catered student accomodation:

  • Monday to Friday 6.30 am – 8.30 am and 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Saturday 11: 30 am – 12 midnight 
  • Sunday 11:30 am to 10 pm 

Self Catered Student Accommodation

This type of student accommodation allows you some level of freedom. Here, you can shop, and cook for yourself. This type of accommodation allows you to choose to stay in an alcohol-free block or quiet block.

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Types of Students Rooms in Aberdeen?

As the third-largest city in Scotland, Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland. It is popularly known as the Granite city. Foreign students get a range of accommodation options to choose from.

Below is a list of the types of student accommodation in Aberdeen:

  • Entire place
  • Studio flat
  • Private room
  • Shared room

How Much Does Student Accommodation in Aberdeen Cost?

Students’ accommodation in Aberdeen costs ranges from £78 -£140 per week. Depending on the type of accommodation, costs may skyrocket to about £180 per week.

Generally, private rooms costs more than shared rooms in Aberdeen. Though the cheapest accommodation options in Aberdeen are usually university properties.

For instance, Fyfe’s house at the University of Aberdeen which offers single standard rooms costs £90 per week. Private rooms outside campus may cost as much as £180 per week.

The good thing is there is always an affordable accommodation for you if you start searching for one early.

How Do I Get Cheap Aberdeen Student Accommodation?

International students seek cheap student accommodation for each academic session. Generally, cheaper accommodations have a higher tendency of being filled up sooner than the luxurious apartments.

Follow the steps below to get a cheap student accommodation in Aberdeen:

#1. Visit Accommodation Websites

Once you receive an unconditional offer of admission, you should start scouting for accommodation options. Basically, the advancement of technology makes it easier to select from a range of options available online.

Simply visit accommodation websites and type in exactly what you want. Choose the accommodation type in the box provided for it and click the search icon.

Carefully, analyze the room patterns and other basic amenities that are attached to the accommodation. More importantly, check out the cost and proximity to school before deciding to settle for one or not.

#2. Tick Your Checklist

It is important you start early to search for accommodation. Also, to avoid getting things mixed up, simply prepare a checklist before commencing your search.

Your checklist should clearly state your budget, type of accommodation, features you desire, and other factors that are important to you.

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For every good option you find on the accommodation website, try ticking your checklist to ascertain if it meets your expectation.

#3. Confirm Information Provided Yourself

This is very important; especially, before making any form of financial commitment. Technology keeps churning out smart phones with amazing camera features. In fact, some of them can make black material appear red on camera.

So, you must not base your scrutiny on official images on accommodation websites. If it’s within your powers, visit the apartment and confirm features yourself before payment. Where you can’t visit yourself, get a friend or family to do this for you.

#4. Pay for the Apartment and Do the Necessary Documentation

If you have confirmed features yourself, pay for the apartment as soon as you can. Cheaper accommodation get off the list faster than luxurious apartments. So, it is very important you pay as soon as you can.

Also, you should do the proper documentation and get the necessary receipts for your apartments.

Where Can I Get Student Accommodation in Aberdeen?

Some online platforms collate pictures from properties for rent in Aberdeen. These photos of Aberdeen accommodation are now made available to international students who are seeking accommodation near their universities.

To get cheap student accommodation near your university in Aberdeen, visit the websites listed below and compare prices of student accommodation rooms available.

#1. Uni Lodgers

A visit to this platform will reveal available properties for rent. Students will get university accommodation options and other private accommodation available for rent.

Usually, there is a photo to depict what each accommodation looks like. Beside the photo are few words stating the type of accommodation (i.e studio flats, private or shared room).

Also, additional incentives are displayed alongside the cost of each room per week.

#2. Unite Students

This website provides accommodation options near universities for international students. New students at the University of Aberdeen can select from a range of student accommodation room options available on this platform.

Unite student accommodation Aberdeen options for students at University of Aberdeen include Don street House, Links Field House or King Street Exchange. These accommodation option for students is just a stone throw to morning lectures.

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In addition, there are student accommodation options near Robert Gordons University for international students to settle for. Unite students’ accommodation will include Farmers Hall Lodge, Spring Gardens, and the Old Fire Station.

What are the Student Accommodations in Aberdeen?

Basically, there are just two accommodation options for students in Aberdeen. Students can choose to stay in the university’s accommodation or rent a private room.

Most private accommodation are quite expensive. However, below is a list of affordable student accommodation in Aberdeen:

#1. Farmer’s Hall Lodge

Accommodation Room Type: studio flats

Farmer’s hall lodge offers student accommodation options near Robert Gordons University.

This accommodation option can only admit 147 students. If you chose this option, you will enjoy the following incentives:

  • free-living essentials like water, electricity, Wifi, and Uniteapp
  • Safety and security
  • Bike storage, laundry, and recycling

#2. Unite Spring Gardens

Accommodation Type: Studio flats, and Private rooms

This is one of the cheapest accommodation options for students in Robert Gordon University.

Its non-ensuite classic cost the least and student tenants enjoy the following incentives:

  • bedroom features like a breakfast bar, bedroom bin, etc.
  • kitchen incentives like a fridge freezer
  • bathroom features

#3. Causeway View

Unlike the first two accommodation options in Aberdeen, Causeway View is great for students at University of Aberdeen.

It is a historic Victorian edifice build in 1876 with local granite but now a luxury student accommodation.

Causeway offers en-suite, studio flats and accessible room options to students. Students at Causeway enjoy the following:

  • Great social and study environment
  • Top notch safety and security
  • Free living essentials

Cheap Accommodation in Aberdeen FAQs

What is shared room in Aberdeen?

Shared room accommodation options means students will shares apartment with other students. Private rooms are exclusive to one student.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in Aberdeen?

The cheapest student accommodation in Aberdeen is the accommodation options provided by the universities. University accommodation for students cost less than private accommodation.

How much is student accommodation in Aberdeen?

Depending on the accommodation type, cost of accommodation in Aberdeen ranges from 78-180 per week. Shared rooms cost less than private rooms while university accommodations seems best for students looking to cut cost.

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Looking for cheap students accommodation must be done as soon as you get a provisional admission. Considering the number of international students who may be looking for the same options, the earlier you begin your search the best for you.

So, this article gives practical tips on how you can easily secure a cheap student accommodation in Aberdeen. All you need to secure a comfortable apartment at a favorably affordable rate is found in this article.

In addition, you will gain insight on where to begin your search, how much it may cost, and some of the cheapest near campus options.



Except your choice of university is a stone throw to your house, you need a place to rest your head after lectures each day. Upon securing admission,

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