How to get Cheap Student Accommodation in Berlin in 2020

It’s not unusual for most international students to give rave reviews about Berlin and how affordable it is. Although its difficult to get affordable student accommodation in Berlin fast – which is why we’re here, the truth is that it’s more affordable than other big cities.

Most students make mistake Generally, most students pay less attention when it comes to getting good student accommodation. What they don’t know is that it contributes a lot to their well-round academic performance.

This is why it essential as a student, you properly plan on how to get a place that will give you all the comforts you need. And especially, one that can help relieve you of classroom stress.

To get a cheap room that is welcoming, you really need to be well guided to avoid making the wrong choice. This is because it is not all the cheap student accommodation in Berlin that is welcoming.

For this reason, we have prepared this article to help you learn how to get cheap student accommodation in Berlin that will provide you with all the comfort you need. Also, you will learn the types of Berlin accommodations for students and lots more.

The table of content will reveal in detail what you can take away.

Why go for a Student Accommodation in Berlin?

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is the country’s largest and Europe’s second-largest city with a large number of students.

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The city has many lively places that bring together people with different trends and culture. Its unique diversity and style are rare to find in other German cities.

This German capital is known as a city of young people and students. This is because Germans prefer it to other cities once studying is concerned. Also, most international students make the city their study destination because of the atmosphere and attitude of the people there.

Aside from the city’s atmosphere, staying in Berlin is not expensive. They have affordable accommodations and high quality of life that any student would love.

Students enjoy free tuition fees, free transportation, unlimited recreational activities, and student discounts. That means as a student, you have a chance of studying without paying tuition fees.

However, if you are the type that likes clubbing. Whether you want nightclubs that never shut, old-school, traditional pubs, or classy wine bars, Berlin has it all.

In short, if you can tear yourself away from your study, you will find there is so much to gain in the city of Berlin – just make sure you don’t forget you are in Berlin to study.

What to consider before choosing a Cheap Student Accommodation in Berlin Germany?

Before you consider choosing any student accommodation either in Berlin or any other city, you must look at some factors. Factors like:

  • Proximity to your school
  • Security
  • Internet Access
  • Room Space
  • Cost

Now let’s take them one after the other

Proximity to Your School

This is one of the major things that should determine the house you choose. It’s wise you get accommodation that is very close to the school you are studying in. With that, you won’t have to worry about transportation fare or missing out on most of the school’s night activities.


This is another important factor you must consider. Find out if the environment is safe from crime, and whether you can walk freely at night without the fear of getting robbed. If the answers are ‘YES’ then you can pick it, but if it’s ‘NO’, we advise you to look elsewhere.

Internet Access

We are in the internet world. And you know that as a student, you can’t do without it. In fact, a life without internet access can be very terrible. Believe me, you won’t want to experience that. So, when getting accommodation, consider internet accessibility.

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Room Space

Getting an apartment is good, but getting a spacious room is better. With such a room, you have enough space to do other activities like a party.


When picking a room consider the cost. Make sure it’s something you can pay for comfortably without having to ask a friend for money.

What is the cost of getting Student Accommodation in Berlin?

Although the cost of accommodation in Germany is high, Berlin is cheaper compared to most European capital cities or some of the biggest German cities.

The cost of student accommodation in Berlin varies. It’s dependent on the type of apartment you want. For instance, an apartment in the city cost about 300-795euros, depending on the area for a shared room.

On the other hand, student hostels cost is around 250 euros including the community costs. The only challenge is that it’s very hard to get one.

What are the Student Accommodation in Berlin Options?

One good thing about living in Berlin is that there is access to a range of quality and affordable accommodation options.

These options include;

  • Flat Rooms
  • Shared Rooms
  • Student Residence/Hostel
  • Private Rooms
  • Studio Rooms

This is one of the student accommodation options you can find in Berlin. This is a single-family suite of rooms that has a kitchen and at least one bathroom inside.

Another type of student apartment you will find in Berlin is a Private or Ensuite Room. Here, you will have your own private room, but the other living areas like the bathroom and kitchen will be shared with someone.

Student residence space is among the cheapest accommodation you can get in Berlin. Here you are free to cook and eat whatever you want at any time. Also, responsible for all utility costs and preparing all your meals.

Most of the student residence in the city has communal facilities such as a bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and lounges.

Studio Rooms are basically single large rooms with a kitchen and a bathroom inside. They are self contained units and houses with everything in the space except the bathroom.

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They are always large in size, with different areas of the room employed for varied uses. For instance, part of the room can be a living room, the other kitchen, and the other bathroom.

Where to get Cheap Student Accommodation in Berlin

Some websites in Berlin are just known for giving information about the available accommodation in different locations. These platforms put up pictures, costs, and detail about the facilities of the apartments. This makes it easy for accessibility.

Therefore, to get cheap student accommodation near your university, visit any of the following websites:

  • Studathome

#1. is one of the platforms where you can get student accommodation in Berlin. On this site, you will find different apartment options like studio rooms, private and fantastic flat rooms. These houses are located in different university areas of Berlin.

Some of the cheap student accommodation in Berlin Germany on this platform includes:

  • Cozy single bedroom in a 6-bed apartment in Potsdam: The price is 285 per month including bills.
  • Minimalist room in a 6-bedroom apartment in Westend: This is a single room apartment for one person. It has a wardrobe, heating, desk, chair, and one bedroom. The price is €275/month including all bills.
  • Lovely single bedroom in a 5-bedroom apartment near Wassermannstr: This is also a single room with so many apartments inside. It has a wardrobe, heating, desk, chair, and one bedroom. The price for the least room is €270/month including all bills.

Click below to read and see more available accommodation.

#2. is another platform where you can find available accommodation in Berlin that are affordable. This platform helps you compare and book the best ensuite rooms, studios, and shared flats for students in Berlin.

Some of the available student accommodation in Berlin on this platform includes:

  • Berlin-Wedding: Most students prefer this accommodation because it’s close to various universities. It has a laundry room, kitchen, and furnished rooms. The prices for the rooms range from €4,999-€799.
  • Living House Berlin: It’s an ideal accommodation for both students and professionals. The least room here cost €469/month.
  • Aufgang: It’s for students that want to enjoy luxury. It is located at the heart of the city with lots of luxuries and amenities. The price ranges from €609-€749/month.
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To see more available accommodations click the button below.


At you can get furnished accommodation at cheaper rate as a student. This platform helps to save you the time and expense. You can get professional photos, design floor plans, and record high-definition videos of the property and neighbourhood you want to stay.

Some of the cheap student accommodation in Berlin on this platform includes:

  • Modern apartment with 1 bedroom for rent near Lake Tegel in Reinickendorf: It’s a perfect option if you want a  stylish studio beside the lake. The price of a room here is €740 including bills.
  • 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Marzahn Hellersdorf, Berlin: With this room, you will enjoy independence as a student. The price of a room here is €670.

To see more available accommodations click the button below.


With just log in on to, you can be sure of getting a wide range of student accommodation. On this platform, you will find different apartment options close to universities.

Some of the cheap student accommodation in Berlin on this platform includes:

  • Private room at Boxhagener Straße: It’s a private room apartment that is well furnished. All the bills are included in the cost with is 199euro per month. Note, the apartment will be available from 1st October.
  • A private room at Immanuelkirchstraße: It’s also a private room apartment. The price of a room here is €199 including bills.
  • A private room at Lauterberger Straße: It’s a shared bathroom with a shower over a large bath, as well as a sink and toilet. The kitchen has an oven and plenty of cupboard space. The price of a room here is €250 including bills.

How to Get Cheap Student Accommodation in Berlin

To get a cheap student apartment in any part of Berlin is not cheap at all. It can take you months if you are not well guided. But not to worry, with the steps we mentioned below you can be sure of landing into a comfortable apartment of your choice within a short time.

Just follow the steps:

Check for the available Accommodations

First, check for the available accommodations in the location you want. To do this, it will be a waste of time walking around the area day and night. To save yourself the stress, just visit any of the aforementioned student accommodation websites to see the available apartments.

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With there filters, you can see the cost, facilities feature, location and type of accommodation.

Consider your Budget

Even though you want to get a comfortable apartment, you must make sure it’s not beyond your budget. One thing is sure, most houses have similar facilities and different prices. So, ensure you get the cost of the accommodation type you prefer. This will help you get your student accommodation in Berlin faster.

Checkout the Accommodation

That an apartment looks good and beautiful on a picture doesn’t mean that is how it is. Don’t make the payment without checking out the house first.

Do the Necessary Documentations

Once the agent confirms that the room is available you can make the necessary payments. Sign the required documents and become a legal occupant of the room.

What Scholarships Offer You Accommodation in Berlin?

You can get scholarships in Berlin that offers free accommodation as a student. Whether you are an international or a citizen student, you can win any of these scholarships.

Some of these scholarships that offer student accommodation in Berlin are:

  • AIWA Lucy Kasparian Aharonian Scholarship
  • Sir Ratanji Dalal Research Scholarship
  • Bayer Science & Education Foundation – Jeff Schell Scholarships
  • Ph.D. Scholarship In Political Science, University Of Hildesheim
  • DAAD – country-related Cooperation Programme With Argentina (ALEARG)
  • Education Future International Scholarship 2021

FAQ On How to Get Student Accommodation in Berlin

What are the types of available student accommodation in Berlin?

There are different types of accommodations for Berlin students that can offer them all the comfort they need.
Some of them include;
Flat Rooms
Shared Rooms
Student Residence/Hostel
Private Rooms
Studio Rooms

What is included in student accommodation?

A student accommodation has rooms, bathrooms, ktichens and relaxation rooms.

What are the factors to consider when choosing Berlin student accommodation?

Some of these factors include:

Proximity to your school
Internet Access
Room Space


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