How to Get Cheap Student Accommodation Limerick in 2020

Limerick is the third-largest city in Ireland with three higher institutions and a TEFL academy. The city’s population peaks at 192, 000. And, at least 11,000 of this population are students with over 2, 400 being international students.

The number of students seeking cheap student accommodation in Limerick surpasses the rooms available. Though cheap is relative, accommodation that is comfortable and offers free essential services at a fair price is every student’s desire.

This makes getting cheap student accommodation in Limerick an uphill task. Hence, this guide on how to get student accommodation in Limerick cheap is one piece you must read before you begin your hunt.

Everyone deserves a life of luxury. As a student, your comfort at home should be your top priority. Basically, where you lay your head to rest after daily academic stress will be greatly determined by the choice you make now.

During your hunt for accommodation, you will definitely find jaw-dropping and breath taken apartments. The only barrier maybe your inability to afford one.

Well, this should not be a problem because there are other options for you. They are comfortable, cheap, and close to your school.

A quick glance at the table of contents below reveals all questions bothering around getting cheap student accommodation in Limerick. The WSF team ensures you have all the information you need at your disposal.

Table of Contents

What is Student Accommodation Like in Limerick?

Limerick is home to a university, an institute of technology, a college, and a TEFL academy. Each of these higher institutions of learning receives applications from students in Limerick and other parts of Ireland like Dublin and Cork.

Students who do not live close to any of these institutions opt for student accommodation within the locality.

Various accommodation rooms exist offering comfort at different levels. For instance, a student can decide to have a whole student apartment to himself; while another may wish to share a room with two or more students.

The goodnews remains there is an option for everyone. What you settle for is determined by your preference and budget. Below are types of accommodation options for students in Limerick.

Types of Student Accommodation in Limerick

In-state students may attend classes from their residence daily. Students who wish to enjoy campus life usually opt for campus accommodation options. In Limerick, student accommodation varies and students can opt for any of the following:

Academic institutions make reservations for their students. However, on-campus accommodation are optional and not compulsory for all students.

Staying on campus avails you the opportunity to experience student’s life at its peak. On-campus accommodation allows students to choose private rooms or shared rooms.

There are Limerick student accommodations near the University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology, and Mary Immaculate College.

Students who opt for this option must put into consideration some factors. Students can also choose to share rooms or rent private rooms.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Student Accommodation in Limerick?

During your hunt for accommodation, you are likely to find various options. Some will be so alluring, but expensive. Others may just be comfortable enough yet not what you really want.

One way to avoid making a mistake is to prepare a checklist. Your checklist should consist of all that is important to you as regards accommodation.

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You should list all that you consider important. Afterward, re-arrange them in their order of priority. While all of them may be important to you, your checklist should indicate which you could do without.

Below are some factors to consider when preparing a checklist:

#1. Budget

If you are an international student, finance may be a challenge. You have to put into consideration your flight ticket, tuition, books, and other relocation miscellaneous expenses.

Run through your expense list to determine how much you can comfortably pay each session for accommodation. Except you get a fully-funded scholarship, choose an accommodation budget that won’t let you run into students’ loan debts.

#2. Proximity

It’s not a bad idea if you wish to separate your study area from your residential area. However, your priority in Limerick is to attend lectures and graduate with good grades.

Living a city apart from school may not be the best. Usually, you will find exquisite accommodation around your school. But, they may be quite expensive. You are likely to get tempted to extend your search to interior parts of the city.

Please, do not fall for it. Choose a Limerick student accommodation that is near your school.

#3. Safety and Security

So, this accommodation is relatively cheap and close to school, should I just pay for it?

Wait, how safe is that environment? As much as you want a cheap accommodation that is close to school, your safety is more important.

You should visit the apartment yourself, study the environment before ticking your checklist. While assessing the student accommodation, ascertain the worst security challenge you may encounter.

#4. Comfort

There are basic amenities you need daily. As a student, you need a noise free zone where you could study anytime with minimal disturbance.

While preparing a checklist, electricity, water and other living essentials should top your chart. Your comfort is a major factor in determining which off-campus accommodation you should settle for.

What is the Cost of Student Accommodation in Limerick?

The cost of student accommodation in Limerick varies depending on the accommodation type.

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Generally, on-campus accommodation costs less than private accommodations in Limerick. Based on a rental report for all property types, student accommodation costs €901 per month on average.

The cost per week for Limerick student accommodation is €70 on average, and the full-year rental fee is €4, 914. Some of these accommodation allows students to pay on installments.

How Do I Get Cheap Limerick Student Accommodation?

The blocks above posits the cost of student accommodation in Limerick on average. So, you can always find an accommodation that cost more or accommodations that cost less.

Generally, comfortable students accommodation gets taken faster than luxurious apartment. Just like you, so many students are looking for a way to enjoy this bliss at a fair cost.

So, to get Limerick student accommodation cheaper, follow these guide below:

Step 1. Start Your Hunt For Accommodation Early

This is the best know way to get a cheap student accommodation in Limerick. Once you get your admissiion letter, you should immediately begin your search.

A practical way to start is to visit the accommodation website. Carefully, analyze the information provided for each accommodation and decide which is best for you.

Step 2. Tick Your Checklist

While surveying the available accommodation on these websites, you should consult your checklist. Ascertain options that satisfy your top priorties and their costs.

Paying close attention to your list will help you avoid making decisions you may regret.

Step 3: Stick to Your Budget

Choose a student accomodation that fits into your budget. If you have to make adjustments, try not to make outrageous increment in your budget.

Step 4: Survey the Apartment before Payment

Do not base your judgement on photos displayed on these websites. If you can, pay a visit to the apartment and access things yourself. Where you can not, get a friend or use the campus life services of the student center at University of Limerick.

They could aid you confirm an apartment before you any form of payment. Smart phones have captivating cameras that can turn pink to probably blue.

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Step 5: Pay Immediately

This must be done as soon as possible. Once you find something appealing, comfortable and within your budget, you should pay immediately. The apartment would not wait for you to raise the money. If you do not pay, someone else will.

You should pay and do the necessary documentation as soon as you can to secure the apartment.

Getting a cheap student accommodation should be easy if you adhere to the steps above.

Where Do I get Limerick Student Accommodation?

If you are not resident in Limerick, the best place to begin your search for accommodation is online.

You can always get information from the official site of your school if you choose on-campus accommodation. To view room pictures of private off-campus accommodation, visit the following websites:

#1. Student Living. UL

For accommodation near University of Limerick, student living webpage will proffer all the information you need.

The campus life service a subsection of the student center at the University of Limerick offers assistance to all students seeking off-campus accommodation.

The page displays accommodation near the school, their costs and essential services rendered. S

#2. Homes. Mitula

Available student accommodation rooms for rent are displayed on this platform. You will also find information on the cost and payment options.

#3. Erasmusu

Limerick student accommodations available for rent can be found on The apartment, its cost and weeks of lease is displayed for students to assess.

Erasmusu always adds a thick green in a loop beside any accommodation that has been verified. And, students can use the accommodation finder on its official page to find any type of accommodation within localities in Limerick.

List of Student Accommodations in Limerick?

If you wish to live in an off campus accommodation in Limerick, below is a list of student accommodation providers to consider.

Cheap Student Accommodation in Limerick FAQs

How much is student accommodation in Limerick?

On average Limerick student accommodation costs €70 per week and €901 per month.

When can I apply for student accommodation?

When you apply for student accommodation depends on the university. Some universities will require you to apply for accommodation once you have been offered admission.

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How do you choose accommodation?

While choosing accommodation you should prepare a checklist. Your checklist must consist of budget and essential services that are top on your priority list.


Choosing an accommodation may be stressful. Especially, when your desires do not match your budget. Limerick student accommodations have various options for students with different budgets.

If you start yur hunt early, you are likely to find a comfortable accommodation off campus cheap. However, if your budgets does not add up with the options you have, you should consider on campus accommodation.

This article offers a full guide on how to secure a cheap student accommodation in Limerick.



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