How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement

One of the essential parts of the university application process is writing a personal statement. A good personal statement is a chance to show your uniqueness and convince a chosen university that you are the best applicant and deserve their offer. Not only ‘hard factors’ such as your grades and test scores are important to enter the university, but also some ‘soft factors’ like recommendations, extracurricular activities, and essays.

According to NACAC’s most recent State of College Admissions report, a personal statement is the key soft factor considered by colleges. As it is your only chance to make the first impression on admission officers, your statement must be truly outstanding.

Your personal statement is a source of information on your personality, way of communicating with others, level of motivation, and the ability to follow directions. An impressive personal statement can make a big positive impact on your application, while a poorly written essay can diminish your chances of getting admission. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t take your personal statement lightly and need to make a lot of effort to create an amazing cover letter.

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Steps to Writing Powerful Personal Statement

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But still, if you are going to write a good personal statement by yourself, break this challenging task into smaller and manageable steps. Don’t forget to include all the essential components to your essay and complete them step-by-step as it’s described below.

#1. Powerful Introduction

Your introduction must perfectly reflect your personality. It should clearly explain the reason why you are interested in a certain degree and, if appropriate, your relevant experience with course topics. To encourage a recipient of your personal statement to read further, start it with words that show who you are, and describe the most relevant aspects of your personality and interests. The introduction should be a full paragraph.

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#2. Skills and Interests Description

The body of your personal statement must contain detailed information on your relevant knowledge, skills, and interests. Mention as many details as possible that relate to the course you are applying for, such as your awards, certificates, or maybe even work experience if you have it. Describe your talents and values that are relevant to the program. Write about your academic achievements and explain how a chosen course can help you in reaching your life goals.

#3. Make a Strong Conclusion

Create a conclusion that will leave a strong positive impression on the admissions officer. Reinforce how the course can help you in your future career and make a brief summary of the main points of the statement body. Don’t forget to describe the connection between your skills or achievements and your future college contributions. The conclusion must clearly restate the reason why you applied and what you want to reach. Show all your enthusiasm for studying at a chosen university so your candidacy will be taken seriously.

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#4. Proofreading

Once your personal statement is finished, proofread it properly. Read it aloud to hear how it sounds in general and make edits if needed. Usually, there can be the following areas of improvement: clear phrasing, easy-to-understand language, relevancy, and specificity. Pay close attention to these aspects while reviewing your essay as they are the most important ones. Besides, you can ask your friend or a professor to read your personal statement and give feedback on it. This way, you will have an objective understanding of what should be changed in a better way.

To make the most out of your personal statement, stick to the following tips.

  • To make your essay feel more personal, write in your own voice. It means you should use your own words to describe your talents. Still, use a professional tone and give only relevant information.
  • Make your personal statement clear and effective by keeping it simple. Use short sentences and plain language.
  • Make your writing sound positive. Try to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the future study and show your gratitude for being considered. 
  • Stay unique by describing what makes you different from other applicants. Include specific details about yourself and give a lot of examples supporting them.
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What You Must Know

Top universities always ask applicants for a personal statement that details their suitability for a degree program. Submitting a compelling personal statement is a great opportunity to highlight your talents to a university. A strong personal statement gives a great advantage over your competitors and enhances the chances of being enrolled, especially if you are looking for scholarship opportunities.

To make the writing process easier, create a draft, and include there all the necessary ideas to mention. It will help you make your personal statement perfectly structured. Don’t rush and take your time to complete the final version as sometimes it’s worth taking a break to create an excellent piece. Try to make your essay sound professional and elegant by using fancy words and expressions. And of course, focus on your strengths!

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The most important thing in writing a personal statement is to be yourself and honestly describe your personality. Use this essay to show who you really are and why the university may be interested in you. Although tackling a personal statement can be the most confusing part of a college application, it’s a great opportunity to persuade an admissions officer that you are worth studying at their institution.

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