ICC new rule for international cricket debut, Any player should have at least this age

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The International Cricket Council works to make many rules related to cricket. Recently, the ICC has made a rule that will determine the age of a player to make a debut in international cricket.

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With the framing of the new rule, the ICC has made it clear that the minimum age for any player to debut in international cricket should be 15 years. Let me tell you that there have been many players in international cricket who have made their debut under this age.

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However, there is also a provision under the rule that if a country wants to add a player under the age of 15 to the team, then it can request the ICC. Issuing a statement regarding the new rule, the ICC has said that keeping in mind the safety of players, the minimum age restriction is being introduced in international cricket and this rule will be for every format of cricket.

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Significantly, in international cricket, the youngest player to make an Indian debut is Sachin Tendulkar. He made his debut at the age of 16 and 205 days. On the other hand, when it comes to cricket history, the youngest player to debut was Hassan Raza of Pakistan. He made his debut in international cricket at the age of 14 years 227 days. It is believed that the new ICC rule will affect many players.

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