Know the benefits and side effects of eating eggs daily

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Eggs are always beneficial for health. You can boil or eat a protein-rich egg, it has great benefits for health. This super healthy food is one of the nutritious foods of the world which people all over the world like to eat. If we look at the nutrition profile of the egg, then it has 7 grams of high quality protein and 75 calories. Not only this, there is iron, minerals, vitamins and only five grams of fat in the eggs. Eggs have immense benefits and some side effects as well. Let’s know about both.

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Benefits of eggs

We all know that eating eggs is very beneficial for health. Egg not only helps in weight loss or gain, but it also increases eyesight. It has been proved in many studies that egg improves memory and reduces stress. Proteins are found in abundant amounts in energy-rich eggs. It is also beneficial for your skin and hair. It has been proved in a study that if you eat two eggs daily, then the blood cells present in the blood can improve. Eggs can control your weight.

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Eggs Side Effects

Researchers have claimed in many studies that excessive use of eggs can make you sick. Therefore, do not eat more than two eggs in a day. Researchers believe that it is important to know what other things you are eating with eggs.

It is often said that if you want to be healthy, then eat eggs everyday. If you also eat eggs daily to stay healthy, then be careful. A study conducted in Australia has revealed that consumption of one egg daily increases the chances of diabetes by 60%. Researchers in the study have tested 8,545 Chinese youth. Studies have found a relationship between egg consumption and high blood sugar.

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