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The privilege to study beyond your immediate environment should be clamored for, beacuse above every other advantage, it exposes you to diverse cultural experiences.

These experience remain the bedrock for deeper and more comprehensive knowledge and of course, success in life.

Laurentian University is an institution of learning located in Sudbury, Ontario. Laurentian University’s School of Commerce and Administration has the objective to teach effective management skills and techniques’ to business students using the case study and experience centered method of education.

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What Should I know About Laurentian University?

Laurentian University is an ideal environment for advanced learning with smaller classes and the opportunity to conduct research alongside professors with international reputations.

Students who choose Laurentian choose a true Canadian experience, one which embraces bilingualism, tri-cultural values and one which is whole-heartedly welcoming to students from around the world.

The School boasts of diverse culture and programs that provide opportunities to enrich students’ lives and enables them explore their career potential.

The planning process at public institutions involves many key stakeholders, both internal and external, that contribute immensely both the development and execution of the resulting plans. Laurentian is no different in this case.

Interestingly, Laurentian University governs itself with a bi-cameral governance structure, as set out in the Laurentian Act. The Board of Governors have authority for business governance and the Senate has authority for academic governance. 

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Moreso, while senior authority rests with the Board of Governors, the Board and Senate conduct their affairs effectively, respecting jurisdictional borders, capitalizing on shared interests, balancing and sharing authority, within a civil and productive relationship based upon a mutual desire to serve the greater good of the institution.

Key Facts about Laurentian University:

  • A top three ranking from 2008-2011 in total sponsored research income amongst primarily undergraduate universities in Canada, including two years as #1.
  • International enrolment has increased by more than 14% over the last four years.
  • One of the highest post-graduation employment rates in Ontario: 94.3% after 6 months; 97.4% after two years.
  • 50% growth over the last decade: Laurentian University has grown from 6,000 to over 9,500 students since 2000.

What programs are available in Laurentian University?

Four major programs are being offered by the School, available on campus and online. On-campus programs at the Laurentian University include the Honors Bachelor of Commerce (H.B.Com), which is available in English or French, and the Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is only available in English and designed primarily for working professionals; the online offerings are the Online H.B.Com and Online MBA which was designed for CGAs and senior CGA students. Both of which are only provided in English.

This great institution of learning provides academic and professional programs in Financial Planning, Global Business Administration, and Personal Finance and even extended to professional and executive courses in Financial Management Value Creation, Hedge Funds, Investment Analysis, and Portfolio Management, and Management.

With a fully revived curriculum, the MBA program is available in a flexible format, making it easier for full or part-time studies completed online, on-campus, or perhaps, through a combination of both formats.

Building on core business foundations, the MBA program exposes its students to the knowledge and skills that clients demand to take their business to another level or dimension. The Courses focus on

  • Ethical leadership
  • Advanced financial and marketing concepts
  • Managing information systems
  • Business strategy and
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It explores the intricacy of managing within a global context. A culminated consulting project provides some direct link to industry and application of knowledge gained throughout the program.

Recent graduates are often required to complete a work-integrated learning program that will give them the experience needed to move their careers forward.

What are the Duration of MBA Programs at Laurentian University?

Each of the MBA programs at Laurentian University lasts for a period of 2 years.

Laurentian University Admission Requirements

Test Scores:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language; (Computer Based Test) [min. 230] or
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (Paper Based Test) [min. 570] or
  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery [min. 80] or
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (Internet Based Test) [min. 88] or
  • International English Language Testing System; whether academic or immigration. [min. 6.5].

Applicants with less than 2 years of intermediate level experience are required to complete an additional 3-credit experiential learning course.

Applicants will be assessed for advanced measures towards courses in the Business Foundations level provided that students received a minimum of 70% in equivalent courses as assessed by the MBA Admissions Committee for a maximum of 24 credits towards the degree.

Laurentian University Application

Applicants must first hold an undergraduate degree with a graduating average of 70%.

But however, those with no previous undergraduate degree but with at least five (5) years of relevant work experience may be considered for admission under certain circumstances.

  • Letters of Reference; (3) three Letters of Reference
  • Work Experience: The applicant should have at least two (2) years of relevant work experience
  • Resume
  • Minimum GMAT Score; GMAT is only for graduates of Commerce from an honors program with a 75% or better average but has less than 2 years of work experience; a minimum score of 500 is needed.
  • TOEFL: International students must come up with a TOEFL score of 550 on a paper-based test or 213 or higher on a computer-based test in a situation where previous professional studies have not been attained in the CGA, CA, CMA
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Laurentian University Admission Deadline

The admission deadline for the University February 1st, May 4th of every academic year

Laurentian University MBA

The Laurentian University MBA makes every attempt to provide accurate information on prerequisites, programs, and tuition. But this information is, however, subject to change without notice and we highly recommend that you contact the school to confirm important information.


  • All COMM 5000 and 6000 level course credits and up to 6-credits of COMM 4000 level. Electives together with joint LU/CGA PACE Electives already completed will be credited towards the MBA degree.
  • The course credit requirements highlighted on the student’s original “Degree Requirements
  • Form” must be completed in order to obtain an MBA degree.
  • COMM 4000 level elective credits will no longer be made available for credit in the MBA Program.
  • Some 6-credit courses may need to be replaced with 3-credit courses based on the student’s completion timeframe.
  • Some 6-credit course options will continue to be made available (fall: COMM 5405 and COMM 6005; winter: COMM 5305 and COMM 6915; spring: COMM 6005). A revised “Degree Requirements Form” is attached to the application response e-mail and highlights the total

A number of credits and courses required to complete your degree.

  • COMM 5305: Marketing Management 6 credit COMM 5011: Marketing 3 credit
  • COMM 5405: Organizational Behavior 6 credit COMM 5012: Organizational Behavior 3 credit
  • COMM 5605: Operations Management 6 credit COMM 5031: Operations Management 3 credit
  • COMM 6005: Strategic Management 6 credit COMM 5122: Strategic Management 3 credit
  • COMM 5101: Ethical Leadership 3 credit
  • COMM 5112: Global Management 3 credit
  • COMM 5111: Advanced Marketing Planning 3 credit
  • COMM 5131: Consulting Project 3 credit
  • Electives 6 credit Electives 6 credit
  • Total 30 credit Total 30 credit
  • Up to twelve (12) additional credits may have been required based on prior post-secondary education (to a maximum of 42 credits).
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Who is learning online?

  • Business professionals working in a full-time capacity
  • 55% of online learners are female
  • Average of 13 years of intermediate-level work experience
  • Average of 43 years of age (up to the early ’70s)
  • 60% of learners are located in Ontario
  • Great cultural diversity among the student population

However, there is a program called an ON-CAMPUS one (1) year fast-track option (September to July) which is made available for business graduates that have met the minimum admission requirements and have received advanced standing towards the foundations level of the MBA program.

Who is learning on campus?

  • Recent business graduates
  • International graduates who want to complement their education and experience with a North American graduate degree
  • Recent university graduates from non-business degrees with a minor in management
  • Local business professionals studying part-time (mainly from the mining, health, public and education sectors)

Students can while they learn through the online learning option and take as little as one (1) course yearly to keep active in the program.

Advanced standing towards the Business Foundations of the MBA can provide enough time and cost savings.

Full-time domestic students can also have access to Graduate the Teaching Assistant (GTA) opportunities.

Laurentian University MBA Duration

Each Laurentian University Scholarship is durable for one (1) year which is two (2) consecutive or three (3) academic sessions. The value and duration of each OGS award are been determined by the awarding graduate unit and also detailed in the offer letter.

Laurentian University MBA Tuition

The length and cost of a student’s Laurentian MBA depend on his or her undergraduate field of study. Business degree holders often take an accelerated 11-month, 33-credit program while those without one take 57 credits over 20 months.

Every student undertakes compulsory consulting projects, while those without two (2) years of work experience are required to complete a three (3) to four (4) month placement.

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The progressive program begins in September, while full-time and part-time students can also start in January and May.

  • Gender ratio: 35% male, 65% female
  • Percentage of international students: 12%

Program duration & cost;

  • Full-time program length: 20 months
  • Full-time tuition: $26,284
  • Part-time program length: 20 to 84 months
  • Part-time tuition: $26,284
  • Accelerated program length: 11 months
  • Accelerated tuition: $13,142

Laurentian University MBA Scholarship

Laurentian University MBA has a scholarship system to enable students who are coming from a low income earning family to acquires the degree. The scholarship is an Ontario Graduate Scholarship; a scholarship provision for students pursuing their graduate degree in Ontario resident universities.

This Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program is to encourage excellence in graduate studies at publicly assisted universities in Ontario.

Since the year 1975, the OGS award program has been providing merit-based scholarships to Ontario’s best graduate students in all disciplines of academic study. The scholarship program is funded by the Province of Ontario and.

The Province disburses the OGS awards to universities specifying the number of awards that each may offer to their students yearly.

Laurentian University MBA Scholarship benefits

The award is valued at $5,000 per session. So awardees may receive $10,000 for two (2) consecutive sessions or $15,000 for three (3) consecutive sessions.

The awarding graduate unit contributes to one-third of the cost of the total award received by the students.

Contact Information

MBA Program

Laurentian University

935 Ramsey Lake Road

Sudbury, Ontario

P3E 2C6, Canada

Tel: 705-675-1151, ext.1557

Fax: 705-671-3833



Laurentian goes to great lengths to ensure success by providing a range of academic and social supports for its diverse student population; ensuring that students acquire a strong foundation that meets the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

This, for Us, is an intentional effort to enable students reach their full capacity. This is why you should consider applying to this great university for your MBA program.

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