LEAP Africa Social Innovators Programme And Awards (SIPA)

LEAP Africa in partnership with Union Bank has announced the call for applications for the 2020/ 2021 cohort of the Social Innovators Programme (SIP), a one-year accelerator fellowship for young West African changemakers between 18-35 years.

Over the years, through the SIP, LEAP Africa has collaborated with its corporate partners, renowned faculty of experts, and mentors to strengthen and advance youth-led social entrepreneurship in Nigeria with the aim of enhancing the scale of their impact and sustainability of their ventures.

The SIP takes a holistic approach in raising and enabling Africa-wide talent for the actualization of the SDGs. They do this by supporting youth with innovative approaches to social problems to build capacity, develop long-term connections, and establish credible enterprises.

So, after 7 years of successful implementation in Nigeria, the fellowship is opening up to social innovators from Anglo West African countries in this upcoming cohort.

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Here is a table of what to expect:

About LEAP Africa Social Innovators Programme And Awards (SIPA)

LEAP Africa’s SIPA is an event that celebrates young social innovators between ages 18 – 35 years, whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across Nigeria.

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Through SIPA, LEAP is striving to increase awareness on innovative solutions of young Nigerians, create a profile that will allow for collaboration and a larger societal impact in Nigeria.

The SIP Awards attracts tri-sector industry leaders, investors, leading tech companies, entertainers, and many others to discuss and share on social entrepreneurship as a tool for social transformation.

During a programme cycle, 20 social entrepreneurs selected from a pool of applicants, participate in activities outlined for the fellowship year.

What Does the LEAP Africa SIPA Cover?

The initiatives of Fellows cover various aspects of the society, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Health
  • Law
  • Human Rights,
  • And More

LEAP Africa SIP fellows are equipped, supported, and showcased through a series of training sessions (physical and online), mentorship, provision of local & international funding, and partnership opportunities.

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Who Can Apply For LEAP Africa Social Innovators Programme?

  • Young persons between the ages of 18-35 years, whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across eligible countries.
  • Initiators/co-founders of a social-focused venture/enterprise located in Nigeria and the other focus regions. Women founders are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Solution/ innovation by the enterprise must be adopting a market-based approach towards addressing a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)
  • Applicants must have been involved in operating their venture/enterprise between 14 months and three (3) years, prior to the commencement of the fellowship

The Social Innovators Programme is organized by LEAP Africa, a youth-focused leadership development nonprofit organization based in Nigeria.

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Applicants whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • The Gambia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Ghana
  • English-speaking parts of Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast.

What LEAP Africa Is Looking For?

For the Social Innovators Programme and Award, applicants must have the following qualities:

  • Creativity/Innovation: Level of creativity/innovation applied and the applicant’s entrepreneurial approach towards social change.
  • Leadership: Experience mobilizing people and resources to achieve set goals, and consistent drive for excellence.
  • Sense of Purpose: Demonstrate a strong desire for social change within the community, to improve livelihoods, and to scale the impact of their social business. 
  • Right Attitude: Openness to learning and willingness to implement appropriate systems and structures for enterprise sustainability
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How Can I Apply For LEAP Africa SIPA?

All applicants must fill the application form and submit via the link provided below on or before 12 pm of the application deadline.

What is the Application Deadline For LEAP Africa SIPA?

Unfortunately, the submission of the application has ended for the 2020/ 2021 cohort. However, when on, all applications must be submitted on or before 6th September each year.


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