[LIFE] 15 Trending Collection of Dhoti Kurtas for Women and Girls

We often hear about dhoti pants and sets for men. But did you ever hear or come across such designs for women? These all-new Dhoti pants with kurta for girls and women of different age groups are new trends getting popular in recent days. With a new sassy look, bright and vibrant hues, contemporary vibes, and comfortable style statement, the kurta dhoti pants set for ladies are the new talks of the town. If you are a woman of bold and funky choices, who have an eye for the latest experimental fashion trends, you must not miss out on seeing these latest images of dhoti kurta sets for ladies’ here.

Stylish and Beautiful Dhoti Kurta Dress for Women and Girls with Images:

Well, given there are numerous designs and patterns within the same dhoti kurta set outfits, here we go with our top favorite picks for the season.

For Women

1. Designer Dhoti Kurta for Parties for Women:


If you are a sucker for elegance and classic style statements, this black embroidered yoke design kurta goes significantly with mustard yellow dhoti pants. Coming from the brand Ritu Kumar, the outfit is another name for a timeless, elegant piece of work. The kurta has asymmetric hem falling much beneath the calf length and has elegant embellishments with beads and embroidery near the neck.

  • Design: Black embroidered kurta with asymmetric hemline and yellow dhoti pant
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Petite, hourglass
  • Occasion: Festive wear and celebrations
  • Wear With: Tassel earrings and black high heels can deliver the edgy look.
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2. Punjabi Dhoti Kurta for Women:


We all have come across the Patiala pants designs from the last decade. While they have become popular, all thanks to our celebrities wearing and promoting them in movies, this Anouk’s green printed kurta with beige/cream colored Patiala looks classic and stylish for women who want more straightforward looks. With stripes prints and A-line knee-length stitch kurta, it seems best for casual simple day wear activities.

  • Design: Green striped printed asymmetric hem kurta with beige Patiala pants
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Medium and plus size
  • Occasion: Casual regular wear
  • Wear With: Jhuttis or sandals with big dial watch can be apt fit.

3. Purple Short Kurta with Dhoti:


This blue shaded trendy kurta comes in the Angrakha variant, which is famous for women who prefer the modern, feminine style. With a white and blue combination of dhoti pants, the overall pairs look sassy and edgy to those women who prefer sleek and vibrant plush looks. This dhoti kurta ladies design is ideal for comfortable long wear and suitable for women who want bold styles.

  • Design: Plain blue kurta with white dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Viscose rayon
  • Body Type: Curvy and hourglass body
  • Occasion: Casual outings with friends and social gatherings
  • Wear With: Sandals, high heels or flip flops can be ideal with loose hair and heavy ear hangings.

4. Red Sleeveless Kurta with Dhoti:


If you love to look sexy, sleek, and edgy with an ultra-modern style statement and lovely appearance, this perfect red sleeveless solid kurta paired with yellow printed dhoti pants is the ideal match. With trendy ethnic look and desi appearance, this pair of outfit is nothing less than a perfect ideal garment that young girls with Indian tastes prefer.

  • Design: Red plain sleeveless kurta with yellow printed dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Viscose rayon
  • Body Type: Thin, petite and lean body
  • Occasion: Ethnic festivities look
  • Wear With: Red matching high heel pumps with heavy accessories can be ideal.
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5. Gota Patti Flared Kurta with Dhoti:

Gota Patti works have been receiving wide popularity in the Indian fashion industry. This fancy and intricate green and golden woven kurti with dhoti pants and dupatta have intense work patterns that can steal your heart. The A-line kurti comes till above knee length and has a shirt collar, with dense gota Patti embellishments. Overall, this dhoti style kurtis for ladies is best for women who prefer fancy ideal intricate look outfit.

  • Design: Green and golden gota Patti A-line kurta with dhoti pants and dupatta
  • Fabric: Polyester and viscose-rayon
  • Body Type: medium, curvy body and plus size
  • Occasion: Festivals and celebrations in family functions
  • Wear With: High heels, heavy chandbali earrings, and a good bracelet can work well.

6. Floral Printed Kurta with Dhoti:


If you are a woman of traditional choices and prefer the dazzling fashion with mirror works and embellishments, this peach and beige colored kurta dhoti set may be a perfect choice. With abstract print, beautiful neck design, it comes with beige color dhoti pants which are an apt match to the simple design. If you love ethnic wear and feminine colors, this can be an ideal match for you.

  • Design: Off-White & Coffee Brown floral kurta with brown dhoti pant
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin and medium, petite women
  • Occasion: Regular and casual wear
  • Wear With: Heels or sandals with peach earrings and watch.

7. Striped Kurta with Dhoti:


The classic elegant white kurta is back in fashion, this time with the striped print on it. The black and white striped kurta with black dhoti pants looks sassy, adorable, and beautiful for women who have an eye for vintage fashion. This dhoti style kurtis for ladies seems like an ideal Indian style statement and is suitable for women who love to enhance and flaunt in their ethnic style.

  • Design: White and black striped kurta with black dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Viscose rayon
  • Body Type: Petite, curvy and hourglass body
  • Occasion: Social gatherings and outings with friends
  • Wear with: Flip flops or traditional Indian chappal wear, with oxidized earrings.
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8. Asymmetric Kurta with Dhoti:


Here comes our floral favorite printed kurti with dhoti. This asymmetric hemline red and white floral kurti with red dhoti pants is stunningly beautiful. With a feminine and intense look, bright hues and vibrant colors, if you are someone who idealizes a perfect trendy, fashionable look, this is the one!

  • Design: Red and white floral kurta with dhoti pant
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Curvy and hourglass
  • Occasion: Festivals, family functions
  • Wear With: Wedges, ethnic accessories are good to go.

9. Checked Kurta with Dhoti:


Besides many check shirts designs, we come across, this checked black and red kurta with black dhoti is a classic new trend. This timeless kurta with dhoti for women has been in fashion from ages and still is in trend, given the vintage vibe and plush look attached to it. For all women who love simple and easy choices, with casual wear, nothing better than this one.

  • Design: Red and black checked kurta with black dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Occasion: Casual daily wear
  • Wear With: Black heels or flip flops and simple minimal look.

10. Bandhani Print Kurta with Dhoti:

Who all loves Bandhani classic print? Originated in states such as Rajasthan and Gujarat, this print is widely famous all across the globe. This green and off-white combination of bandhani print kurta and dhoti pants has such traditional and Indian touch naturally. The flared hem enhances the beauty of the outfit and adds elegance to it.

  • Design: Green and off-white bandhani print kurta with dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Hourglass, petite and medium body
  • Occasion: Festivals and celebrations at home
  • Wear With: Off-white pumps or heels with ethnic pearl accessories can be ideal.
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For Kid Girls:

1. One-shoulder Anarkali Kurta with Dhoti:


Even kids have stylish, trendy looks nowadays, and this particular marron and beige color Anarkali kurta dhoti is nothing less than stunning beauty. With one shoulder design, printed fancy look on kurta, and beige dhoti pants in an abstract fashion, this stylish trend is nothing less than a dream. It is best and ideal for very young girls who love to look beautiful.

  • Design: Green and brown one shoulder Anarkali kurta with dhoti
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Any body
  • Occasion: Functions and family celebrations
  • Wear With: Traditional footwear and gold accessories.

2. A-line Shoulder Straps Kurta with Dhoti:


This navy blue and pink printed kurta shoulder straps kurta with dhoti set are super lovely and adorable. With printed patterns and dyed dhoti pants, it is comfortable for long day wear and is good with stylish and attractive looks. The kurta comes with shoulder strap enhancing the overall appearance effortlessly.

  • Design: Maroon and brown printed and dyed kurta dhoti
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Casual outings with family
  • Wear With: Minimal accessories would be done in this look.

3. Floral Layered Kurta with Dhoti:


While the floral trend is timeless and evergreen, this blue and white lovely layered kurta comes with dhoti pants and dupatta. This ethnic wear is good for kids over eight years old. With V cross-stitched neck and lovely silver lining work at the edges, it looks sleek and ideal for contemporary patterns and style trends.

  • Design: Floral white and blue floral kurta dhoti pants
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin and lean, and medium body
  • Occasion: Festivals celebrations and events with family
  • Wear With: Minimal accessories and edgy traditional footwear.
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4. Yellow and Blue Halter Neck Kurti Dhoti:

This very tiny cute halter neck kurti dhoti in printed yellow and blue stripes is the adorable and most loveliest outfit we have come across. This comes for infants and very new born kids till two years of age. The Indian floral print with embellishments near the neck, along with the sleeveless design, is super cute and beautiful. This one is comfortable and the best one we have come across recently.

  • Design: Yellow and blue halter neck kurti dhoti without sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Festivals and family celebrations
  • Wear With: Matching yellow and blue shoes with neck accessories and bangles.

5. Brocade Kurta with Dhoti:


Finally, this blue and golden yellow kurta and dhoti for young girls in brocade is traditional choice for those who want proper desi look. With the sleeveless pattern, round neck and heavy brocade work, it looks intricate and intense with a plush look and bright hues. Rest assured, kids are going to look like a million bucks easily.

  • Design: Brocade blue and yellow kurta and dhoti set without sleeves
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Wedding events
  • Wear With: Matching sandals and minimal accessories can suffice here.

We hope you loved our picks and trends from the latest and trending dhoti pants with kurtas for girls and women across different age groups. These styles are versatile, lovely and charming, with latest look on Indian desi trends. Tell us your thoughts too, we love to hear from you!

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