MAN Lagos Olympiad Registration Form 2020/2021

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Mathematics (from Greek: μάθημα, máthēma, ‘knowledge, study, learning’) includes the study of such topics as quantity (number theory), structure (algebra), space (geometry), and change (mathematical analysis). It has no generally accepted definition.

Mathematicians seek and use patterns to formulate new conjectures; they resolve the truth or falsity of such by mathematical proof. When mathematical structures are good models of real phenomena, mathematical reasoning can be used to provide insight or predictions about nature. Through the use of abstraction and logic, mathematics developed from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects. Practical mathematics has been a human activity from as far back as written records exist. The research required to solve mathematical problems can take years or even centuries of sustained inquiry.

Rigorous arguments first appeared in Greek mathematics, most notably in Euclid‘s Elements. Since the pioneering work of Giuseppe Peano (1858–1932), David Hilbert (1862–1943), and others on axiomatic systems in the late 19th century, it has become customary to view mathematical research as establishing truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions. Mathematics developed at a relatively slow pace until the Renaissance, when mathematical innovations interacting with new scientific discoveries led to a rapid increase in the rate of mathematical discovery that has continued to the present day.

Mathematics is essential in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, finance, and the social sciences. Applied mathematics has led to entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and game theory. Mathematicians engage in pure mathematics (mathematics for its own sake) without having any application in mind, but practical applications for what began as pure mathematics are often discovered late

The Mathematical Association of Nigeria, MAN Lagos State Chapter announces her 2020 Mathematics Olympiad Registration form, date, time and venue for interested and qualified Primary 5 and 6, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools students.

The registration for the 2021 State Olympiad will start from Monday, January 4, 2021 and closes Saturday, March 13, 2021, while the Olympiad will come up on Saturday, March 27, 2021 across the State.

You can call the following State executives for questions;

Dr. MALIK Nasrudeen Ayinde
State Vice Chairman/2020 Olympiad Coordinator.

State Publicity Secretary I

State Publicity Secretary II

If you have any issue with finance, please contact:

Mrs. OLUDIPE Odubolanle Oluremi
State Treasurer

State Chairman

Ibraheem ADEBIYI
State Secretary/Secretary, 2020 Olympiad
For Secretariat. 


The Competition is currently opened for the below categories of students:
a. Primary 5 and 6 Students
b. JSS 2 and 3 / SS2 Students.

Number of Participants are UNLIMITED.


  • Primary School Students: N1,000 per pupil.
  • Secondary School Students: N1,200 per students.


Payment Procedure:
Make Payment into MAN Lagos State Account:
Bank: First Bank of Nigeria
Account No: 308-357-5973
Account Name: MAN Lagos State

Depositors Name:

  • School Name for bulk payment
  • Participant’s name for individual payment


i. Log onto the website above and to register


  • Text your school details to the Tech Support in this format before you start your registration:
  • District/LGEA, School’s Name and School’s Address.
  • Your school will be available in our database within 6hrs so be patient.

Technical Support: Call our Tech. Support on: 0811-1674-3740

i. All Participants are to appear in their school uniform
ii. Students can write the competition at any centre nearest to them

iii. Winners shall be contacted
iv. Result will be uploaded on the Association Website.
v. Certificate of Participation will be presented to all participants.

Fantastic Prizes shall be given to the BEST FOUR STUDENTS in each Category who will represent LAGOS STATE at the National MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD in RIVERS State this year.


Online registration ends on Saturday, November 7, 2020. Those who are yet to complete their online registration are to do so before the deadline, you are expected to use your pins online and not to bring it to the examination centre. All registered candidates have been contacted by the State Secretary, meanwhile, teachers should please endeavour to contact their registered students as their will be no refund of registration fee for any candidates who missed the competition.

TAYLOR, J.I. 0805-667-9612 State Chairman 0813-661-1610
Dr. MALIK, N.A. Vice Chairman/Olympiad Coordinator 0803-824-6705, 0805-695-9329
ADEBIYI, I.A.A State Secretary 0802-581-8067, 0704-224-0220
AYUBA, S.0 Publicity Secretary 1:08016-553-7351

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