Top Public Policy Master Programs in 2020

Top Public Policy Master Programs in the World:

Here are the universities that offer the best policy master programs and the various programs they offer;

Hopkins University, Baltimore

Tuition: $4,234 per course

John Hopkins University offers an online Master of Arts in
public management that prepares graduates for leadership roles in non-profit
and government organizations.

This degree requires 12 courses and takes 16-24 months. The
core courses include assessing Public Policy and the political process,
economic viability for public decision-making, financial management and
analysis in the public sector, and the basics of non-profit management. In
their final semester, students have to complete a keystone project.

University, Evanston Illinois

Tuition: $3,590 per course

Northwestern University offers an online Master in Public
Policy and Administration with specializations in Public Administration, Public
Policy, Global Policy, Global Health and data analysis for Public Policy.

This program prepares learners to take on leadership roles
in governmental or non-profit organizations and helps them improve their
analytical skills to inform policy solutions.

This Master in Public Policy comprises 13 courses and takes
1-2 years. Courses include topics such as public finance and budgeting,
microeconomics for Public Policy, statistics for research, and program
evaluation and policy analysis. Students complete a keystone project or a

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University of Southern
California, Los Angeles, California

Tuition: $45,861 per Session

The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University
of Southern California offers an online master’s degree in public
administration that prepares students for urgent problems in public
administration functions, including accessibility in health care, urban
development and infrastructure, immigration, and social policy.

This program offers certificate options for Public Policy
and for the administration of cities and counties.

This online master’s degree in public policy with 40 credit
points can be completed in 24 months. The courses are offered online. However,
students must visit two multi-day stays on the campus of USC University Park in
Los Angeles.

University, Washington, DC

Tuition: $16,659 per Session

American University offers an online master’s degree in
public administration and politics for students seeking a career in public
affairs and leadership positions within government or other public sectors

This 36-credit master in public policy can be completed in
1-2 years. The curriculum culminates in an internship in public policy where
students complete a policy analysis project for a client during their final
semester. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA in order to maintain a good
reputation and complete the program.

University Bloomington, Bloomington

Tuition: $27,976 for Two Sessions

The Paul H. O’Neill School of Public Affairs and
Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington offers an online
master’s in public affairs that combines the curricula of his master’s in
public administration and his master’s in public policy. The graduates are
prepared for careers in public service.

This 48-credit online master’s program consists of core courses, advanced electives, and an experience component. Students take courses such as economics, law, and public affairs, as well as public finance and budgeting.


Students can earn up to 12 credits based on previous work
experience, which can reduce costs and graduation time. IU is regionally
accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls

Tuition: $19,480 per Session

The University of Northern Iowa offers an online Master of
Public Policy for students interested in achieving political impact at the
local, state, national, or global level. This program is available online with
synchronous and asynchronous components.

This Master in Public Policy requires 39 credits and takes two years. The curriculum includes politics and public policy, policy analysis, policy budgeting, and education policy.

Students must also do an internship. However, people who
have sufficient professional experience in public policy can waive this

University of
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

Tuition: $18,774 per Session

The University of Pittsburgh offers an online Master of
Public Policy and Management program aimed at mid-career public sector
professionals who want to earn their master’s degree part-time while on the

This program helps students advance their careers in areas such as public administration, Public Policy, non-profit management, security, and intelligence.

This online master’s degree in Public Policy requires 30 credits and can be completed in 20 months. The students deal with topics such as microeconomics, program evaluation, analysis of Public Policy, quantitative methods, and financial management. Classes are the same for all online students, regardless of where they live.

University of Missouri, Columbia

Tuition: $26,060 for Two Sessions

The University of Missouri offers an online Master of Public
Affairs for students who want to pursue public service careers. This program is
fully available online and the courses are offered in nine-week sessions.

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This master’s degree requires 30 credits and includes five
core courses and five elective courses. Choices include collaborative
governance, organizational dynamics and leadership, and regional and economic
development policies.

University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Tuition: $565 per hour rate

Liberty University offers an online Master of Arts in Public Policy with specializations in campaigns and elections, international affairs, leadership, Middle Eastern affairs, political studies, and public administration.

Graduates prepare for roles that include public relations specialists, politicians, and lawyers.

This 36-credit graduation takes 1.5 years. The curriculum
focuses on political philosophy, geopolitics and international diplomacy,
business and Public Policy, and the foundations of American governance. The
courses are offered entirely online. Military students receive reduced tuition

State University, Corvallis

Tuition: $863 per credit

Oregon State University’s online Master of Public Policy
program prepares early and mid-career civil servants to advance their careers.

It can also help individuals in the private sector
transition to the public sector. Students can choose from four priorities:
energy policy, environmental policy, rural policy and social policy. Instead of
concentrating, students can also fill out a certificate.

This Master in Public Policy requires 46 quarters of
credits. The courses cover topics such as analysis of Public Policy, public
organizations and leadership, and econometrics. Students must also pass an
applied keystone for Public Policy and an oral exam.

Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt

Tuition: EUR 6,400

The Brandt School’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a
two-year interdisciplinary study program for young academics and specialists
who are pursuing a career in public service in government agencies,
international organizations and in the non-profit sector.

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The MPP program provides future decision-makers with the
knowledge and practical skills they need to promote public interest and make
informed policy decisions.

The MPP curriculum is based on political science, economics, sociology, public administration, and law and builds the skills and knowledge base that a professional political analyst needs. It includes courses in political and economic analysis, statistics, public administration, and ethics.

of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tuition: GBP 12,510

The University of Birmingham’s 100% Online Master of Public
Administration is designed to provide public sector professionals with the
tools they need to make a positive difference and manage changes in their
field. They help you assess your impact on local governance and strategic
public management.

The online master’s degree in public administration was
specially developed for those who want to advance their careers in the public
service – be it a change to a higher position, a career change, a new
department or even a shift to consulting work.

It takes approximately 2.5 years to study the Online Masters
of Public Administration. It is a 180 credit program (including a 60 credit

Gutenberg University Mainz, Germersheim, Germany

Tuition: EUR 300

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz offers a two-year
master’s degree in International Economics and Public Policy, aimed at students
who want to understand both the opportunities and the challenges that private
and public decision-makers face in an increasingly integrated world economy.

The two main contents of the course deal with important
topics and challenges for the future, which are equally important for business
and society. Graduates of the program are prepared for positions in the private
and public sectors – particularly in companies and institutions that operate
internationally – but the program can also provide a qualified foundation for
an academic career.

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United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tuition: AED 3,000

The Master of Governance and Public Policy (MGPP) in the UAE
aims to impart knowledge, skills and analytical skills about the rational
application of methods, practical tools and techniques in public governance,
including the formulation, implementation and evaluation of Public Policy in
the dynamic and complex era of globalization.

The program combines relevant contemporary theories,
professional skills, practical knowledge, high level research skills and
critical thinking to address governance and policy management issues in the new

The MGPP provides students with the latest skills to take on
open, accountable, responsive and inclusive leadership to meet the
administrative, ethical, financial, organizational and political challenges in
delivering superior government services and making effective decisions.

Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tuition: $31,000 for Two Sessions

Heinz College School for Public Policy & Management at
Carnegie Mellon University offers a Master of Science in Public Policy and
Management (MSPPM), a 12-month track program that is tailored to people who
want to start their careers with a short, want to accelerate focused study time
taking positions in policy development, implementation and assessment, and
managing these roles in governments, non-profits, international organizations
and the private sector.

The 12-month program is tailored to experienced
professionals and combines a comprehensive curriculum for Public Policy and
management with an industry-based system synthesis project. This real program
components offer you professional experience and industry knowledge to advance
and promote your career.

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