Simple Steps To Get The Best Dell College Student Discounts Fast

It can be daunting to be a student but it is a one time opportunity that opens you to a pile of things you never knew could happen. Such an opportunity is the dell college student discount. Therefore, here, you will be shown the steps on how to get the best and fast.

You have to make sure not to miss out on any opportunity while you’re in school. Some of these offers may not be huge but they have their ways of solving one or two problems for you.

Read through to see the simple steps you need to take for you to partake in the dell college students discount.

Below is an outline of all you need to know about the dell college student discounts.

About Dell College Student Discounts

Dell is one of the renowned desktop and computer companies in the world. They offer a variety of services to students including price matching and some sort of special financing opportunities.

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Just as owning a laptop looks like a big investment for anyone, many producers offer student discounts. This is to make sure you get the best device for your studies. If you require any for your years in college, wait till you have enrolled in one and have your student identification card to enjoy amazing proceedings.

So with Dell, you get a gift for any new purchase made.

Dell Range

The variety of products from dell on which their college student discount comes from are as follows:

  • Dell Laptops- Inspiron, XPS, Mini, and Gaming
  • Dell Desktops- Inspiron, Studio XPS, All-in-One and Gaming
  • Alienware- Gaming
  • Dell Mobility- Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Devices.

What Does the Dell Student Discount Get You?

Apparently, dell college student discount offers a 10% discocunt on any of their products together with any other deal Dell may be sponsoring at the time. The amount isn’t fixed and as such, is subject to change.

It is good you keep yourself abreast of their current offers. This is a guide to the decision you might take later on. Once you know and do this, you can generate coupon codes on the site and verify that you are a student.

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Prior to checkout, you will not be allowed to see the discount in prices.

Eligibility For The Dell College Student Discounts

The following are the requirements you must meet before you can enjoy and partake in the dell discount.

  • You must be 16 years of age
  • You must be a current student at any higher institution
  • Have access to either a website, a credit card technique student identification from your school.

How Does Dell Confirm Student Enrollment?

It may interest you to know that signing up and generating dell discount coupon codes help verify your enrollment as a student. This service has the ability to verify more in four-year universities and colleges.

So many other companies use this same service and can grant you access to a host of other student discounts from other companies upon signing up. The verification is mostly available through UNIDAYS.

Manual verification is available for many schools that aren’t already in the system.

How To Sign Up For The Dell Student Discount

The only way you can obtain a dell student discount coupon codes is if you’re using UNiDAYS and have signed up for an account. Your entry at a recognized school needs verification. Once all is set favorably, your codes can be generated.

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More so, a long list of the steps you need to take to join UNiDAYS is underneath.

  • Log in to the UNiDAYS website and select the menu icon
  • Click on join now
  • Enter an active email address and choose your password
  • Provide the site with your school information, then, select continue
  • Give heed to the cues to complete your verification process. If that is not done automatically, probably because your school isn’t listed, you could contact them to do a manual verification on your account.

What You Need To Get The Best Dell College Discount

 One of the best ways to have some fun in college is to take advantage of student discounts. To do this, there are things you need to do before you enjoy the discounts. Read further to see them.

Student Identification Card

At a college, your ID card should go with you anywhere. It does not only grant you access to the library but gets you great discounts whenever you present it.

One of such discounts is the dell college student discounts.


Join UNiDAYS to get amazing dell college student discounts when shopping online. Interestingly, it is free to browse and as soon as you sign up for the newsletter, you get the latest deals sent directly to your inbox.

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So, make the most out of this very rare opportunity. Scroll back to the top and see the steps on how to sign up for UNiDAYS account.

Did you know you can save up to 20% on electronics to serve you through your academic years?

How To Shop

Upon receipt of your voucher or coupon code, make sure to either print it out or write it down in a safe place. You will be needing it at the checkout.

Also, find the best sytem that suits your need and add it to your basket. After you have added the system to your basket, enter your coupon code into the “Enter Coupon Number” box
below the items in your basket.

Click on ‘Apply Coupon’ and have the discount displayed in the summary. It is important to note that you do not have to save a cart or go head to checkout until you are sure of using your voucher. Clicking on any of the aforementioned will use up your voucher and you risk not getting a new one.

After your discount has been applied to your system, go ahead to click on ‘secure checkout’ and proceed to make payment.

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 Nonetheless, there are other special offers open to college students from dell. They include a price match guarantee, where students can get the best priced personal computers with amazing discounts and price match guarantee for 30 days.

Also, there is a dell advantage loyalty program where college students can earn up to 6% back in rewards, free rush delivery, and access to restricted offers.

FAQ’s On How To Get The Best Dell College Discount Fast

How much is dell student discount?

The normal student discount is 2 percent off the regular price of a computer.

Does dell offer college student discounts?

Yes, dell does and you can only get them on UNiDAYS and save yourself some 10 % on the purchase of a dell computer.

Is UNiDAYS safe?

Yes, they are authentic.


The dell college student discount is an avenue to aid you to save some money and have fun while shopping. Utilize the opportunity and you won’t regret you ever did.



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