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How would you feel if after visiting your Psychologist, the confidential information you discussed with him gets leaked? Sad, right!

This is what happens when there are no professional exams that test the credibility of human-oriented careers like Psychology.

Before you can become certified to practice Psychology, you need to write and pass the EPPP test.

With a passing score of 500, there’s a need to study with the EPPP online practice tests. In fact, this is the only study material that covers all exam core areas.

Links to the EPPP free and paid online practice test has been specified in this post.

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EPPP Practice Test

The EPPP is an online test used by the governments of Canada and the USA to ascertain the knowledge and integrity of professionals providing psychological services in their countries. It is developed by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

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EPPP is short for Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Who then takes the EPP test?

The EPPP test is written by masters and doctoral degree holders who wish to obtain a certificate to practice psychology professionally in the US or Canada.

EPPP Online Test Overview

The EPPP is a computerized test with an application and scheduling fees of $600 and $87.50 respectively.

Actually, the exam is taken at the Pearson VUE testing centers.

Candidates initiate the testing process by applying to the licensing authority in their state or province. The licensing authority then contacts the EPPP for scheduling.

Basically, candidates write the exam within 90 days of registration. The fees are non-refundable for candidates who wish to reschedule the test in the last month.

The exam duration is four and a quarter hours. Candidates will answer 225 multiple-choice questions.

In order to pass the EPP test, you need a minimum score of 500 or above.

EPPP Test Study Guide

Since there are 225 questions, and to score the passing score of 500 and above, you need to answer at least 70% of the questions.

Remember we mentioned that the EPPP is required by Canada and the USA. Individual states and provinces may establish additional scoring requirements for licenses in their jurisdictions. Candidates who score below the requirements of their licensing boards may repeat the application process to retake the EPP.

Now, you see reasons to study hard.

We already know the cost of the test is expensive, and the study guide is also on sales. But, there are resources that can be gotten for free. Mometrix Academy is a completely free EPPP practice test material provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. Pocketprep as well provides a free online EPPP practice test. Again, the ASPPB, the organizing body of the EPPP exam also gives a free online practice test.

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Where can I find Practice Tests for the EPPP?

There are numerous study materials and resources available to EPPP writers. They are here to make your studying easier and thorough.

Studying with an EPPP practice test highlights your areas of strength and weakness. It typically uncovers areas where you require more work.

You can find both free and paid EPPP practice tests from these platforms.

For instance, ASPPB, Mometrix, Pocketprep have free EPPP online practice tests which candidates can download.

Also check out these platforms for EPPP online practice test:

Requirements for Eppp Test

Before you can write the EPP test online or at Pearsons, you have to undergo a multi-step process. You will basically require the following:

  • First, master or doctorate degrees in Psychology.
  • Application to either Canadian or US Psychology board for licensure.
  • $600 application and an $87.50 scheduling fee which is susceptible to increase.
  • A minimum score of 500.
  • Bring along a photo ID to the test.

How To Register/Apply for the EPP Online Test

To apply for the EPP exam you have to follow the following steps.

#1 Apply to sit for the EPPP with your licensing board. 

The requirements to sit for the EPPP varies by licensing board. Board contact information can be found HERE.

#2. Create an Account with ASPPB

Once you have completed all application requirements and the licensing board determines your eligibility, they will create an account for you with ASPPB.

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#3. Verify Email and Demography

You will receive an email from Using the link in the email, login to the ASPPB EPPP Portal to verify your demographics within 90 days.

#4. Complete your Application

After verifying your demographics follow the steps to complete your EPPP application, including reading the EPPP Candidate Handbook. Once you complete your EPPP application, you will be able to schedule your exam

Steps to Retake the EPPP

1. Login to the ASPPB EPPP Portal to apply for a retake.

2. Contact your licensing board to determine your eligibility to retake. 

Where can I write the EPPP Online Test?

You can write the EPPP test in any Pearson VUE test centers. This is because many states and provinces use the Pearson VUE test centers to conduct the EPPP online test. Regardless of your state of licensing, you can write your exam at the test center.

Schedule your appointment with the Pearson VUE testing center by visiting their website or by calling their national center at 1-800-513-6910.

When scheduling your appointment, have the following information available:

  • Your name as it is printed on your identification documents
  • Registration/ID number
  • Phone number
  • The exam sponsor, which is the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB)
  • The exam you are taking, which is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)

How To Check Your Eppp Test Result

You don’t actually have to check your EPPP test result. Let us explain.

Immediately after writing the EPPP test, the candidate receives an unofficial test score. At the request of the student, the ASPPB sends your result to your licensing board.

So, how long does it take for the licensing board to receive my EPPP score?

It takes four weeks for the board to receive your EPPP scores. For Standard EPPP Score Transfer Service, you should allow four weeks from the time you submit your request. For Expedited EPPP Score Transfer Service, you should allow five business days from the time ASPPB receives your request.

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Lastly, the EPPP test score is from 200 to 800.

Tips to Pass EPPP Online Test

This section provides expert guide through which you can pass the EPPP exam.

Tip #1: Start Studying Early

It is advised to start studying for EPPP online test during the internship year while all you learned is still fresh in your head.

In order to reduce the study time, begin studying early. This eliminates tension and the amount of time needed to study.

Tip #2 Get EPPP Online Practice test

One of the most important means of studying is to practice EPPP tests online, whether free or otherwise. This will help identify the areas of your strength and weakness. With it, a study pattern and routine can even be formed.

The practice tests will also expose you to the unique style of questions. Although the question style of EPPP can be confusing, the practice tests will give you an understanding of the examination pattern.

It is recommended to take practice exams under similar exam conditions. You will feel the pressure as though it is the actual exam.

Also, you can get the ASPPB free EPPP online test practice here. 

Tip #3 Select the Right Study Course

There are so many study materials for EPPP online test. Therefore, selecting the right study guide determines success or failure.

Before choosing, conduct a review of study materials. In our case, the material’s availability online is key. In addition, the study material should comprehensively cover all EPPP core areas. Want a more engaging lesson, choose a study material that organizes seminars.

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Tip #4 Get Familiar with Test Centers

Make sure you are familiar with the directions, parking, and overall facility to avoid any pitfalls on the exam day. Knowing the test center has a way of reducing tension and anxiety that comes with professional exams.

FAQs on EPP Online Practice Tests

What areas does the EPPP test cover?

There are eight sections in the EPPP test.

They cover psychological areas relating to biological, cognitive-affective, and social-cultural bases of behavior; growth and development; diagnosis and assessment; treatment and supervision; statistics and research methods; and professional ethics and legal issues.

Where can i take the EPP online exam?

Most states and provinces use Pearson VUE test centers to administer the EPPP.
So, you can write the EPPP online test at any Pearson VUE testing center regardless of what state or province you are applying for licensure in.

When can i take the EPPP exam?

You must take the exam within 90 days of receiving your Authorization to test letter.

what score on eppp practice tests are suggestive of passing the exam?

The EPPP test score that shows a passmark is 500. Although some states have a specific score, but the generally accepted score is 500.

However, EPPP test is from 200 to 800.


After studying Psychology, you require a license to practice professionally both in the USA and Canada. Before this license can be granted, you need to take the EPPP test.

Use our guide above to prepare for the EPPP exam and access free and paid EPPP online practice tests.

World Scholarship Forum wishes you well!


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