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To apply to a physics graduate school, you must take the physics GRE test. Over the years, GRE test has become a testing tool for students who intend to go for their graduate programs.

Although the exam poses a threat, it is a line you must cross. To be successful at this exam, we have analyzed the tips, solutions, and requirements for the physics GRE practice test.

In this article, you can also find other vital information relating to the physics GRE practice test that you wish to know.

The reason why the table of contents below is to help you navigate through the topics discussed in this article.

What Is Physics GRE Test?

The GRE physics test is an examination set up by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) containing mostly topics covered within the first three years of undergraduate physics.

Importantly, it seeks to ascertain the test taker’s understanding of the basic principles of physics.

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Also, the ability of the students to apply these principles to real-life issues makes them outstanding.

Basically, it consists of 100 questions covering topics subject topics on nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, laboratory techniques, electromagnetism, thermal physics, etc.

Those who sit for the GRE physics test are those who seek for admission into a graduate school to continue their study of physics. Therefore, if you are not physics related inclined, there may not be need for you to sit or this test.

The GRE physics test is a major prerequisite that applicants must meet to be considered for admission into a graduate school.

Furthermore, the Physics GRE test encompasses about a 100 multiple choice questions. Unlike the genereal GRE test, this is offered three times a year (September, October, and April). Also, it is delivered on paper.

Lasting about 170 minutes, the GRE score ranges from 200 to 990. So, the lowest possible score is 200.

Why Do I Need a Physics GRE Practice Test?

A practice test is a run-through of the commonly asked questions that you should expect in the GRE physics test.

Therefore, engaging yourself in a practice test means you want to brush up your skills.

Also, you need the physics GRE practice test to gain a deep understanding of the questions and adopt a particular method of reading and answering them.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply for the Physics GRE Test?

Generally, the application fee for the general GRE Test is about $205. The cost for the subject GRE Test of which physics is inclusive is about $150.

Step by Step Procedures in 2020-2021

However, there is an additional fee of $25 for late registration. It applies to the online registration only.

Physics GRE Test Study Guide

Your ability to have a background knowledge of the physics GRE test aids you to know how to go about your study.

Therefore, the guides below will go a long way for you if you apply them.

#1 Review Undergraduate Topics

As mentioned earlier, physics GRE test borders on the first three years of undergraduate physics. So, you should concentrate more on reviewing those topics.

The topics should range from their introductory stages to the upper-level topics.

You could be asking how to go about he review. It is simple! Go and re-read your old undergraduate physics textbooks and intimate yourself on the topics enclosed.

I am certain that your dedication to doing this will make you score high on the exam.

#2 Improve on Formulas

Your improvement on the formulas is as important as your application of them in the exam. Ensure you do not overwork your brain with trying to cram unnecessary formulas.

The level of confidence you display on the exam day is triggered by how much preparedness you invested.

So, try the much you can to applying them correctly.

#3 Use Flashcards

After you are done with the review, you can make do with a flashcard or two to rehearse the topics.

This way, they help you memorize special formulas and other major topics. Interestingly, you can make a unique design for your flashcards.

#4 Undertake Official Practice Tests

There’s no better way to come out perfect if not taking practice tests. Currently, there about six six official physics GRE practice tests that are avilable online.

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You can make the most out of it and then, equip yourself.

Tips on How To Pass the Physics GRE Test

If you are looking forward to performing well in your GRE physics test, you should apply these tips below.

#1 Use Your Time Wisely

As earlier stated, the GRE physics test lasts for about three long hours and tests your ability on 100 questions. So, you shouldn’t spend much time on a particular question.

Distribute your time evenly to at least spend 2 minutes on one question. Although you may likely spend lesser time on the much easier questions.

Remember to skip any question you find a bit tasking and come back to it much later.

#2 Attempt the Easy Questions First

This is a sure trick to passing your physics GRE test. Answer the easy ones first! You will find out that once you have made attempts on them, you have a greater portio of time to then tackle the hard nuts.

#3 Answer the Questions You Know First

In the physics GRE test, you tend to lose points for making an incorrect guess but do not lose points for not answering a question.

So, resist the urge provide an answer you are not sure of so it does not count against you.

The best advice will be to leave it blank.

However, you can make a diplomatic guess and stand the chance of giving correct answers.

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How do I Register for Physics GRE Test?

The physics GRE test are paper delivered at their various test centers. It comes up thrice in a year September, October, and April respectively.

So, there are majorly two ways you can register for this test either online or by mail. It is important to note that the first and last name you use at the time of registration must correspond with the name on the documents which you will present on the exam day.

Failure to that may result to cancellation of the test. So, let’s see how you can go about the online registration.

Online Registration

It is important to note that there is need for you to review the fees and ensure to pick the right test date. Also, have an understanding of the steps and rules.

  • Create an ETS account by logging in to
  • Complete the form that follows it by following the prompt.
  • Choose a test centre, test date and location.
  • Make payment with any of the following credit/debit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, etc.
  • Print acknowledgement.

Upon successful registration, a notification will be sent to you informing you of the availability of your admission ticket is available on your GRE account.

Do well to keep it secure to bring it on your test day for appropriate cognizance. However, this registration is currently unavailable for those with disabilities and health-related needs.

Mail Registration

  • Complete the registration form for the GRE physics test and mail to the address on the form. Remember to attach the payment and allow for processing.
  • After processing your registration, expect to receive a notification from ETS confirming your test date, test centre.
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2020/2021 Physics GRE Test Date

Your choice of a test date totally depends on your availability as there are no foxed official GRE dates. It should be at least two months before your first application deadline.

For instance, if the application deadline is in November, your test date should fall within September.

What are the Requirements for GRE Physics Test?

Each applicant must ensure that the documents meet the following requirements.

  • A passport photograph.
  • Signature.
  • Government-issued identity card (all documents must be original).

GRE Physics Test Result

The official test scores are made available in your account about 10-15 days after your test.

To notify you of it, ETS sends you an official mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take to the test center?

Take with you a printout of your confirmation email, a valid Identity card, HB pencils, and a good eraser. Remember, personal calculator are not permitted.

How are the physics GRE test scores calculated?

The number of questions you answer correctly are what determines your raw score. Therefore, it is put through a process known as equating bringing out a scaled score which in turn, reflect the same level of ability.

How long does the physics GRE take?

The GRE physics test lasts about 2 hours and 50 minutes. It also consists of about 100 multiple-choice questions.


As long as you apply the tips and guides provided you in this article, your success is a guarantee.
Best wishes!




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