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Attending the right school with the right value is usually the right way to launch a career. And, there are Pre Med schools in Texas known for their high standard teaching values and equipment to get you prepared for Medical school.

To aid you have the best of Premed school experience in Texas, this articles compiles a list of the best premed programs in Texas.

Premed is a term most college students use to indicate that they plan to attend a med school. During this period, they are bound to take the right classes which usually incorporates classes required for med school.

Attending a premed school in Texas is beneficial to intending medical students. Basically, you learn from experts in the field, in the best universities and may even enjoy free financial aid and scholarships.

Interestingly, most colleges and universities in Texas offer financial aids and scholarships to international students to aid them clear their academic debts.

So, if you looking forward to an amazing premed school experience, glance through the table of contents below to see highlights of schools with best-predmed programs in Texas.

Before we delve into top Pre Meds schools in Texas, let’s see the best major for a premed school and how difficult Pre Med school could be.

What is the Best Major for Pre Med?

No major is absolutely best for Premed. Generally, you should take majors that make it easier for you to reach pre-med requirements.

So, even with majors in Arts degree you may still get a place in Med school. However, this is very competitive following the entry requirements for most med schools.

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While there is no best major for premed, human biologypsychologybiology, and chemistry majors aid you reach med school requirements easily.

How Difficult is Pre med?

Well, premed prepares you for med school, so it is fairly hard considering the subjects you will be taking.

Premed subjects are demanding and you need to excel to apply for medical school. For most college students, succeeding as a premed and getting into medical school is quite difficult.

However, with determination and outright focus on your premed program, you are bound to succeed through med school.

What are the Top Pre Med Schools in Texas?

Considering the high standard teaching values and equipment obtainable in Texas, Below are some Pre Med schools in Texas:


Scholarships up to $14,000 USD annually is offered by Texas Wesleyan for the following undergraduate majors:

BS/MS program in Biomedical Sciences, PreMedicine Program with MCAT-waived guaranteed admission to Medical School (4 partner choices), Accounting / Forensic Accounting, Management, Mathematics, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Paralegal, Political Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Mass Communications, Criminal Justice,  English, Religion, Journalism, Spanish, Liberal Studies, Theatre, Music, Education, Exercise Science.

Several scholarships have been made open to Texas Wesleyan students and include

  • Freshman Scholarships
  • Transfer Scholarships
  • Partner Scholarships
  • Methodist Scholarships

Texas Wesleyan University has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church.

It is funded by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation, and conferences located in Texas for the purpose of supporting scholarship programs for students of Texas Wesleyan.


The website of Baylor University offers unique tools to help students in the estimation of their potential merit scholarship and financial aid eligibility.

For students to achieve the next level of scholarship eligibility they arere to go to the Scholarship Calculator and input their information (class rank and SAT/ACT scores), afterward, they will receive an estimate of their academic scholarship eligibility as well as what SAT/ACT scores needed to achieve the next level of scholarship eligibility.

There’s no need for application as academic scholarships are automatically awarded to students who qualify.

There’s also an offer of a need-based scholarship by Baylor for admitted the first year or transfer international students that meet the scholarship eligibility.

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At the admission of a student, he/she will have the opportunity for the completion and submission of the scholarship application which will be located in the goBAYLORaccount.

For consideration, students will need to submit the completed application as well as the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

Direct Costs (2020)

  • Tuition $42,842
  • General Student Fee $4,522
  • Average Room & Board $12,368
  • Total $59,732

This institution wants all students to be able to achieve their dream of earning a high-quality education and is committed to helping make that happen, no matter what your financial background of its students.

In fact, over 90% of Baylor students receive some form of financial aid.


This Scholarship Program is designed for new freshman students and honors dedication to learning and it does this by giving recognition to previous academic achievements.

Awards of up to $18,000yearly are based on high school GPA and standardized test scores.


Students who have received Merit-based scholarships generally distinguish themselves scholastically and personally even within the highly competitive group of admitted students.

There is an automatic consideration of all admitted freshmen for merit-based scholarships hence, there’s no need for separate application forms or interviews.

Notification is sent to scholarship winners from the Office of Admission at the time of admission to the university.

This institution has a strong history of giving students financial support, dating back to when Rice was founded as a tuition-free institution.

Today,  It meets 100 percent of a student ’s demonstrated need through scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study.


Academic scholarship awards and financial aid are offered by TCU to incoming undergraduate international students.

These scholarship awards range from $10,000 to $46,860. There’s variation in the award amounts of financial aid from $2,000 to $36,860.


TAMIU offers a number of scholarships. One of it is the Undergraduate Academic General Scholarships. Qualified freshmen, transfer, and continuing students have competitive scholarships made available by TAMIU.

To be eligible, students registered are mandated to meet all entrance requirements and be accepted for admission at TAMIU.

Undergraduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours per long semester, and be in possession of an academic record to justify consideration by the selection committee, current students are mandated to hold a TAMIU GPA of a minimum of 3.0¹, and transfer students are mandated to have a transfer GPA of at least 3.0¹.

League of Legends Scholarships 2020-2021

The curriculum prescribed for one of TAMIU’s degree programs must be followed by students.

Most of these scholarships are not renewable And to that effect, students are mandated to send in their application on an annual basis.


DBU offers several scholarships and financial aid opportunities. There are specific eligibility requirements attached to each scholarship. Some are based on performance in academics or other special talent and are called merit-based scholarships.

Others are based on the need for finance and are called need-based scholarships.

New students are to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for complete and current information on scholarships for new students.

Scholarship Opportunities Outside of DBU.


Updates on private scholarship opportunities do exist and applicants are to consult Blackboard frequently during the semester to check for school opportunities.

All enrolled students are members of the “Student Scholarships Organization” in Blackboard.

The best period to apply for scholarships is the spring of each year. There are spring deadlines that award for the succeeding academic year attached to all private scholarships.


The same merit scholarships are offered to international students by the Houston Baptist University.

Yearly, freshmen can earn up to $21,000 in academic scholarships, based on high school GPA and ACT /SAT scores.

Transfer students can earn up to $15,000 for each academic year based on transfer GPA (plus an additional $3,000 per year for Phi Theta Kappa members).

Attending a higher education institution is an avenue of investing in one’s future. For many students, earning a scholarship can be a fantastic avenue to finance that investment.

HBU offers a wide range of scholarships aimed at helping students meet their educational needs.

During the review of applicants’ admission application to the University, there is an automatic selection for application to see if an applicant meets the requirements for one or more of the university’s undergraduate merit scholarships or graduate scholarships.

A partnership between HBU and has existed to offer “micro-scholarships” that give recognition to the accomplishments of applicants in high school and allow one to start earning scholarship money starting in 9th grade!

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Scholarships can be earned by students for visiting the campus, earning an “A” in a class, performing community service, participating in a sport, and much more! Up to $14,000 can be earned by students yearly!

These micro-scholarships can be earned by freshmen through October 31st of their senior year.


The Good Neighbor Scholarship program is funded by PVAM and is open to applicants.

Good Neighbor Scholarship Program

Purpose: Provision of assistance for tuition to students from other nations of the Western Hemisphere excluding from Cuba.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have been born in and are currently residing in a nation of the Western hemisphere other than the United States or Cuba;
  • Have the Intention of returning to the eligible country upon completion of the program of study; and
  • Are have scholastically attained qualification for admission.

Eligible Institutions

This scholarship is an award of 12 months and is limited only to public colleges and universities in Texas.

The tuition of a year which covers fall, spring, and summer is the award amount


Per each year of academics, eligible international students receive an offer of a global heritage scholarship and associated tuition waiver of up to $14,000 from texas A&M University-Texarkana.

About A&M-Texarkana

This is a comprehensive regional university committed to Student Success, Academic Excellence, and Community Leadership.

This institution is educating the leaders of tomorrow with a high-quality, rewarding and affordable educational experience.

It is a member of The Texas A&M University System, one of the largest and most distinguished higher education systems in the nation, and provides its students with a world-class degree in a family atmosphere known as a “community” of higher education.


The President’s International Scholarship for $18,000 a year for four years is available forall international students who are admitted to ACU.

Furthermore, international students who reside on campus are also eligible to receive the Wildcat Housing Grant for $3,000 yearly for up to two years to be applied to housing costs.

There are many cultural practices in ACU as a result of the presence of different cultures in one campus.

ACU is a diverse, welcoming, academically rigorous community giving redefinition to what it means to be a Christian university in the 21st century.

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Students from all over the globe are enrolled by ACU. The international admissions staff of this institution is familiar with higher-education structures from all over the world and is ready to assist students in the admissions process.


The scholarship offered by this institution is awarded to students who will contribute to the increased diversity for international representation at Stephen F.

Austin State University.  The award amount of the scholarship is $1,000  and is offered annually includes a tuition discount for a total award of up to $11,000.

All applicants are mandated to complete the application and show educational achievement (most recent grade average – 2.75 undergraduate; 3.25 graduate) in order to receive this award.


$30,000 International Student Scholarship

The application for this scholarship is available to undergraduate international students on the F1 visa.

The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $3750 per semester for a total of 8 semesters.

The things required of students are holding an F1 visa, full-time enrollment and maintaining good academic status once enrolled.

Scholarship Information

Good news! All full-time international students on the F1 visa will qualify for a minimum of $1000 per semester scholarship assistance.

At the beginning of each semester,  this amount will be automatically credited to your tuition and fees statement at the beginning of each semester.

BONUS: Students who enroll in full-time hours during the summer sessions (Maymester, Summer I and /or Summer II) are eligible for free on-campus housing during the summer sessions.

Pre Med Schools in Texas FAQS

Does University of Texas have a pre med program?

Basically, Pre Med is not a major, unlike regular opinion. At the University of Texas, you choose a major in an academic discipline such as business, chemistry, and psychology. So, you can complete specific prerequisite coursework mostly in sciences for your med school at the University of Texas.

What colleges in Texas have a good medical program?

Rice University, University of Texas – Austin, and Texas A&M Health Science Center-Colleges of Medicine are top colleges in Texas with a good medical program.

Is BS Biology a good pre med course?

Yes, BS Biology tests your memory skills and study habits. So, it is a great pre med courses.



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