Tuition fees And Cost Of Living At the University of LINZ in Austria

After securing your admission in the University of Linz, you would need to figure out how to deal with the cost of tuition, accommodation and living expenses.

This article has all you need to know about the University of Linz Tuition fees, Cost of Living At the University of LINZ in Austria, and the cost of study at Linz, Austria.

About Linz Universities

Linz is the largest and one of the main economic centers in Austria as many European cities, like the cityscape of Linz is characterized by small and various sacred buildings as Marià Emptangnis Dom or New Cathedral as the biggest church in Austria. 

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There is a lot of attraction an international student will encounter and it will no doubt be a rewarding one.

In the forefront of international prestige and reputation, a lot of universities come to the spotlight such as the famous Johannes Kepler University Linz and definitely, a must-go choice for every international student unless your course of study in purely Art.

The university graved itself in social sciences, economics, and business, Law as well as engineering and natural sciences.

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Because of its international recognition and popularity, it has been driving amassed traffic into Austria from all over the world and as thus, will be our focal point when considering tuition fees.

What Does It Cost To Study At Linz Universities?

When you want to study at ant of the universities in Linz, you would need to run a serious check on the tuition fees of the schools and the cost of living in the city.

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Tuition Fee

European Union students that follow a complete degree enroll for an exchange program in a public university. In Austria, you don’t need to pay for any tuition fee rather a symbolic fee of 18 EUR per semester to the student union while non-European Union students will have to pay an average of 726.72 EUR in addition to 18 EUR per semester.

However, is worth taking note that both EU and Non-EU student will have to pay the tuition fee in public universities of applied science.

Although, the fee will vary depending on your program or institution. As an international student, it won’t be advisable to apply for a Private university cause the tuition fee could be overwhelming.

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Paying 5,000 EUR per year isn’t a joke.

Cost of Living in Linz

According to ‘Numbeo stats’ the estimated monthly expenses for a single person is €500 to €700 to cover the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, books, etc for one month. Here’s the breakdown:

Recent Prices

• Meal for two people, mid-range restaurant, three courses

• Meal at McDonald

• Domestic beer (0.5)

• Imported beer (0.33-liter bottle)

• Water (0.33 little bottle)

• Milk (1 liter)
1.20€ and so many other products which you can find out by researching
a little online.

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The relative cost of living and studying in Linz is reasonable and definitely economical compared to other big cities. You will always gain more than you think you’ve lost in Linz.



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