Top Engineering Masters Programs and Requirements

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Top Engineering Masters Programs and Requirements:

Here are our best engineering masters programs.

#1 – University of California, BerkeleyMaster of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This is our number 1 best masters program in engineering. It is for 2 years but you can opt for the one year accelerated program.

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It concentrates specifically on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The tuition is $11,442 per year (in-state, full-time) and $26,544 per year (out-of-state, full-time).

To perform well in this masters program in engineering, the applicants should have a strong technical background and also have experience in algorithms, data structures, programming, and theory at or above the undergraduate level.

The concentration areas are in; Data Science and Systems, Physical Electronics and Integrated Circuits, Robotics and Embedded Software, Signal Processing and Communications, and Visual Computing and Computer Graphics.

#2 – Stanford UniversityMaster of Science in Engineering

Stanford University offers an interdisciplinary program leading to a Master of Science in Engineering degree.

The masters are available in any of the nine departments of the School of Engineering, including but not limited to aeronautics and astronautics, bioengineering, computer science, management science, and materials science.

The tuition is $55,905 per year (full-time).

#3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering

The tuition of this masters program in engineering is $53,450 per year (full-time).

In this master’s program, students can follow a track in Environmental Engineering Science or Structural Mechanics and Design.

Basically, this masters degree can be completed in nine months.

#4 University of Texas at AustinMaster of Science in Engineering

The master’s in engineering is done through the Cockrell School of Engineering.

These degrees including but not limited to aerospace engineering, materials science and engineering, operations research and industrial engineering, and petroleum engineering.

Students who work full-time can follow an executive program in engineering management, mechanical engineering, or electrical and computer engineering. Executive programs can be completed primarily online, though occasional weekend courses may be required.

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The tuition is $10,554 per year (in-state, full-time) and $19,320 per year (out-of-state, full-time).

#5 Cornell UniversityMaster of Engineering in Computer Science

This university offers a Master of Engineering in Computer Science.

The professionally-oriented degree program is designed to build practical skills for a wide range of careers relating to computer science.

In addition, the tuition is $29,500 per year (full-time) and $2,356 per credit (part-time).

#6 Harvard UniversityMaster of Engineering in Computational Science and Engineering

This masters program in engineering is in Computational Science and Engineering.

It is a research-based degree program designed to be completed in two years.

One of the reasons we love this engineering masters program is because of the nature of its electives. Some of them, however, including but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Decision Theory, and Visualization.

Moving on, the tuition is $54,880 per year (full-time) and $27,440 per year (part-time).

#7 Texas A&M UniversityMaster of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering

Texas A&M University offers a non-thesis master’s program leading to a Master of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering.

To qualify to apply, applicants will have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a closely related field.

Some of the major courses include Advanced Aerodynamics, Damage and Failure in Composite Materials, Multifunctional Materials, and Theory of Elasticity. You end with a research project.

#8 University of PennsylvaniaMaster of Science in Engineering

The engineering masters program is done through its Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering.

As a result, there are four major options students can choose from: Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Systems Engineering.

Those majoring in Electrical Engineering can choose to focus on Circuits and Computer Engineering, Information and Decision Systems, or Nano Devices and NanoSystems. All MSE programs offer a master’s thesis and independent study options

Federal Polytechnic Kaura ND, HND, Diploma Form 2020/2021 & FEES

#9  University of GeorgiaMaster of Science in Engineering

This is another great masters program in engineering.

In order to be admitted, applicants must have a Bachelor of Science degree. If the bachelor is not in an engineering background, you will be required to do selected preparatory coursework.

Students can choose a study area in civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, or mechanical engineering. Civil engineering courses cover structural and geotechnical engineering and environment and water.

Graduate Tuition is  $8,704 in-state; $24,692 out-of-state students.

#10 Duke UniversityMaster of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Duke’s Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering is an industry-focused degree program.

In addition, the required courses you will learn include Business Fundamentals for Engineers and Management of High Tech Industries. Students must select three technical electives in a specific concentration area, such as Micro-Nano Systems, Photonics, or Sensing, and Waves.

At the end of the master’s program in engineering, you either go for an internship or do a research project.  Basically, the tuition for masters in the school is  $12,906 in-state and $27,864 out-of-state students.

#11 Johns Hopkins UniversityMaster of Science and Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

This is another masters program in engineering.

Actually, it is designed to prepare students for research-based careers in biomedical engineering.

To complete this engineering masters program in two years, students can choose to follow a thesis track, which includes supervised research projects.

Alternatively, students can complete a non-thesis program with a focus area in one year.

Some of the six focus areas include Computational Medicine, Genomics and Systems Biology, and Neuroengineering.

UNN MBA Admission Form (Distance Learning Programme) 2020/2021

Graduate school tuition is $53,740.

#12 University of California, San DiegoMaster of Engineering in Bioengineering

This is one of the fastest masters of science in engineering that can be completed in one year of study.

It comprises of courses in the areas of engineering physics, imaging, life science, and tissue engineering. Elective include Algorithm Design and Analysis, Bionanotechnology, Elasticity, and Venture Mechanics. Beyond coursework, you get an industrial training experience, a master’s project, and a technical report.

Basically, graduate students will pay around $11,442 for in-state and $26,544 out-of-state.

#13 Purdue University- Ms in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

The Agricultural and biological engineering masters program is the best of her engineering programs. Followed closely by Aeronautics and Astronautics before civil engineering.

Basically, the tuition is $29,132 per year.

#14 University of MarylandMaster of Engineering in Project Management

The University of Maryland, College Park offers a part-time program leading to a Master of Engineering degree in Project Management.

Designed for working engineers, the practice-oriented program helps develop and adapt professionals’ skills to meet changing industry standards.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $12,906 in-state; $27,864 out-of-state

#15 University of the PacificMaster of Science in Engineering Science

The University of the Pacific offers a Master of Science in Engineering Science program.

Students in the program can choose a concentration in Civil Engineering (Environmental and Structural); Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Engineering Management; or Mechanical Engineering.

You may be admitted only after completion of a bachelor’s degree.


This is another engineering masters program.

Basically, the masters program in engineering aims to prepare the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the future.

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The Engineering masters program is offered in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Cyber-Physical Systems.

The program is designed for working engineers.

#17 Texas Tech UniversityMaster of Engineering

This engineering masters program is designed primarily for working engineers.

As an applicant, you should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering in order to be admitted. You may complete the program on campus or online.

Students can choose to follow the standard program or to specialize in Healthcare Engineering.

Basically, you’ll pay a tuition of $5,832 in-state; $13,302 out-of-state.

#18 California Institute of Technology – Engineering and Applied Science

Which other school do you think is better than the great institute of technology. The engineering masters program is fast-paced.

CalTech has a Division of Engineering and Applied Science, as well as a separate chemical engineering program.

Students can earn a master of science in a year or a special engineer’s degree in aeronautical, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering in two years. We basically have expected tuition of $54,537.

#19 Carnegie Mellon University- Civil and Environmental Engineering

Carnegie Mellon is another great school when it comes to Engineering masters.

Actually, there is yearly tuition of $48,500 per year (full-time) for her students.

Their best speciality is in civil and environmental engineering.

#20 University of Michigan- Mechanical Engineering

Here is another of our best masters program in Engineering.

With a tuition of $27,202 per year (in-state, full-time) and $51,126 per year (out-of-state, full-time).

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