How to get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch South Africa

Don’t let anyone talk you into renting a student suite that will land you in debt. It is quite easy to get cheap and affordable student accommodation in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Why is this?

Because there is only one university in the vicinity known as Stellenbosch University. So, the only people you will contend the accommodation with are your schoolmates.

Let’s show you a stat.

In 2018, a total of 31, 765 students were enrolled at Stellenbosch University. Of this total, the university residencies could only accommodate 11,000. Now, that’s a below par rating if you ask me.

This gives the majority the only option to seek private accommodations. You’ll be in this number, if you do not begin the search early.

Not to worry, we are here to help you make this serach easier by linking you up to the best patforms where your student accommodation will be very cheap.

Cost is of the essence since there are lots of stuff to be paid for in school. Therefore, follow our lead and you’ll land yourself a cheap, comfortable, and secure student accommodation in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, SA.

How Easy Is It To Get Student Accommodation In Stellenbosch?

This is the time of the year when students in Stellenbosch seek accommodation. Basically, the University of Stellenbosch is the only university in Stellenbosch, and students who apply to the school seek accommodation.

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Typically, Stellenbosch University can accommodate about 11,000 students in approximately 31 university residences and other university accommodation on the Stellenbosch Campus. But, according to 2018 stats, she admitted 31,765 students.

This means that the school does not have the means to accommodate all the students. And these remaining 21,765 students will scout for the accommodation in the city.

To make things easier, we’ve put together expert tips on how to get student accommodation fast before the struggle begins.

Tips on how to get accommodation fast in Stellenbosch

To be able to get these accommodation fast in Stellenbosch, read about these tips below.

Tips #1 – Apply Early

Because of the large number of students in Stellenbosh who need accommodation, it is imperative that you start applying early.

So, how early is early enough? Immediately you gain admission. If possible, towards the end of your application process. Therefore, start early to search and apply for student accommodation in Stellenbasch.

In fact, you get these students accommodation at a cheap rate in Stellenbosch when you apply early.

Tip #2 Get A Good Location

Another tip to securing a good and cheap accommodation at Stellenbasch is to get a place close to school. The distance should be a walking distance from home to school.

While the accommodation may be a bit more expensive, it is agregately cheaper. How do i mean?

Living close to the school eliminates transportation cost and sometimes budget for lunch. You can go home to grab lunch and get back to class for the next lecture.

Tip #3 Check your School

Every new college student should check out the school website for accommodation.

Stellenbosch University has many residencies for students to live in. However, if you don’t apply on time, the available spaces will be filled up.

All you need is to contact your college accommodation officer to find the available spaces and how to secure it.

This is always a good place to start especially for freshers.

Tip #4 Set a price budget

Having a budget makes your search easier. It limits your spending to only what you can afford.

Search for rooms within your budget. Remember there may be additional costs for bills like the internet, electricity or even the garbage. Also, consider the cost of setting up the room. It is, therefore, important to consider all these in your budget.

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You may also rent an already furnished room. But, the price may be slightly higher than an unfurnished student apartment.

Therefore, to make things easier you need to research the environment and their standard of living. Then, consider the aggregate cost, not just the advertised cost.

Tip #5 Consult Accommodation Agencies or Students

Seek advise from students living in the environment. This is because they will give an unbiased opinion of the vicinity. The accommodation agencies may not be so plain.

Similarly, your property agent is in a good place to advise on your needs and appropriate location. He can actually help you find accommodation within your budget.

Additional Guide On how to get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch South Africa

Getting into a new environment, the best place to reside as a student in the college provided residencies. Here, you will meet great people, learn about the city, and know how to navigate around the good and bad neighbourhoods.

Universities usually offer new students the opportunity to live in their hostels. The student will be given a deadline to apply for the halls.

If the school halls are not up to your standard, get up and start house hunting.

One of the secrets to enjoying a rented apartment is hand-picking your flatmates. Returning students have this advantage since they already know some people who are house-hunting. All they’d do is to contribute and rent an apartment.

You will live, eat, read, and share properties with these individuals. And to have a peaceful house, you need peaceful housemates. Well, if you rent a single and unshared room, it will be easier to control the external disturbance of the housemates.

When Should I Start Hunting For Student Accommodation In Stellenbosch?

The perfect time to start house hunting in Stellenbosch is in November. The first semester starts January and lectures begin by February. So, if you wish to get cheap off-campus student accommodation in Stellenbosch, it is best to begin by November.

However, if you wish to stay in the Stellenbosch university residence, you will need to apply by June of the year preceeding registration. That is when the deadline for application is.

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Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodation In Stellenbosch?

There are various agencies and residencies where you can get cheap accommodation in Stellenbosch. These agencies have apartments, en-suite rooms, single rooms and flats which students can rent.

In addition, you can also get cheap accommodation through the Stellenbosch university residency schemes. Actually, their residencies are different for male and female students.

For instance, my best female residence is Lydia Ladies Residence. Likewise, the best for males is between Majuba Men’s Residence and Dagbreek Men’s Residency.

So, you may be wondering; how do I apply for accommodation at Stellenbosch University? We have an answer on how to go about it.

Visit to apply online, or phone Client Services on 021 808 9111 for assistance. Click on accommodation and follow the prompts. Residence applications close on 30 June in the year preceding registration.

List of cheap accommodations for students in Stellenbosch

The following are platforms that offer cheap accommodation to students in Stellenbosch. In their custody are student accommodations that they oversee.

They are listed below;

  • Student life Accommodation
  • Welbedacht student accommodation
  • Academia student Accomodation
  • 22 Bosman House
  • Lutz student Accommodation
  • Tudor House
  • Brahmbosch
  • Het Oude Postkantoor Student House
  • CampusKey Stellenbosch
  • Nassau Res
  • De Jordan Student Accommodation
  • Two on Cluver
  • Boschenberg Residency
  • Nootigedacht Block A
  • Ivy League
  • Quiver Tree Apartments
  • Ink Studios Stellenbosch

We are going to explain some of these cheap student accommodations and how to get them.

#1 Academia Student Accomodation

Water, Electricity and Internet included in fees.

Furnished Student Accommodation

One Bedroom Premium: R 105 212

This is one of the cheapest student accommodation in Stellenbosch. They basically have accommodation to suite every student’s needs and pockets.

For instance, their accommodation is in blocks with units that have one bed, two beds, and a shared unit.

These one-bedrooms and two bedrooms have premium and deluxe options. Two bedrooms, one with two bathrooms and the other with one bathroom.

For the communal unit, there are options as well. First, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen and living room shared by eight students. Secondly, two bedrooms, two showers, one kitchen, and a general living room shared by 8 students on that floor.

Here is another thing you need to know. You have to supply bedding, cutlery, and anything else you may need. But, the bed, fridge and other furnishings are given to you. Premium units are equipped with induction stoves.

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In addition you have to pay an application fee of R 15,000

#2 Welbedacht Student Accommodation

247 security, Wifi, Electricity included

Bachelor from: R9 490 pm
Two Bedroom units from: R10 920 pm
Rooms in units from: R5 460 pm

This is another very affordable accommodation for students in Stellenbosch.

This student accommodation has been owned and run by a family for the past 13 years. It is even located on the campus.

We offer secure, modern 2 bedroom apartments sharing a kitchenette and bathroom. There is a single unit suitable for disabled students with bathroom and kitchenette. Also, there is a spacious communal courtyard, terrace, TV room [with DSTV], kitchen, and laundry, with Wi-fi available throughout the building.

The application fee is R 100.

Backing these beautiful facilities are a set of guiding rules. No smoking, drugs, or illegalities.

#3 CampusKey Stellenbosch

Security, Parking lot, Electricity, Internet

Independent: R122,500 Per person for one year

This cheap and affordable Stellenbosch student accommodation is located in a walking distance from the University of Stellenbosch.

As an occupant here, you will not just co-habit with other students but also indulge in activities with them. For example, some of the weekly events include skill sharing and time to build each other up.

There are 6 properities you can choose to live in.

The following are the room types you can rent
Independent room – Platinum, gold and silver.
Explorer 2 bedroom
Explorer 4 bedrooms with lounge and platinun
Socializer 2 bedrooms with lounge and platinum
Socializer – 3 bedroom gold, silver, bronze and 4 bedrooms

Let us just describe one of them. The independent rooms are private, non-sharing bedrooms and come fully furnished with an en-suite bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

#4 Lutz student Accommodation

Includes Water, electricity and weekly cleaning service.

Furnished and non-furnished

This affordable student accommodation is located at 11 Victoria St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa. Contact them on +27 21 886 88 31.Email or Facebook page Lutz Building Studnet Accommodation to get info about renting.

To rent a room for a year, you have to register by August the previous year.

Lutz has 6 furnishes, single and double roooms.

#5 Bosman House

The Bosman House Student Accommodation at Stellenbosch has been in existence since 2000.

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They are your one-stop professional and friendly real estate agent. Therefore, they can help students with all that is needed to meet their needs.

With a swimming pool for the students to recreate, every student has the privacy of his already furnished room.

How much does it cost to get a Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

For student accommodation in Stellenbosch, keep around R 10000. This may vary according to the house, location, and duration of rent. For example, in a fancy house, you can get a shared double room for around R38 000 and a single room for R47 000 per annum. There will be additional costs for furnishing the apartments and bills like electricity and the internet.

Furnished Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

It is very possible to get a furnished accommodation as a student in Stellenbosch. Just be informed that the rent for these houses may be more expensive than the unfurnished ones.

You can get furnished student accommodation in Stellenbosch from Trovit, Rentuncle, and Steelies Student Stay among other places.


Student accommodation in Stellenbosh is quite easy to get because of the number of universities in this city. While the university residency is not large enough to contain all the students, first-year students can apply before the end of June.

In the same vein, check out the off-campus residents. Check the cost and places you can apply to.

FAQs On Getting a Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

How do I apply for accommodation at Stellenbosch University?

Visit to apply online, or phone Client Services on 021 808 9111 for assistance. Residence applications close on 30 June in the year preceding registration.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in Stellenbosch?

Asides the Stellenbosch university residency and residencies connected to it, the Academia Student Accommodation is quite affordable.

When should I apply for student accommodation?

If you applied to Stellenbosch university, application deadline for accommodation is by June the preceeding year. If you are going for private accommodation, start the search by November the preceeding year since the university resumes by January.

What are the factors to consider before getting student accommodation in Stellenbosch?

Some of the things to consider include;

Nearness to School
Free Internet
24/7 Security
Furnishes or unfurnished apartment


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